The beginning of a presentation, introducing your subject and especially: Getting the attention of your class! How to do it?

After a couple of years in high school now, I had a lot of presentations, in front of my whole class. I also had to do some performing for even bigger audiences with acting or debating, so I am pretty experienced in speaking before an audience. I have most of the times the attention of the whole class and I have some tricks for it, which are really important in your introduction.
Start with an anecdote. This have to be a really interesting thing. If you start with a short story, your class would be interested ‘hey that is something Stefan did, funny.’ And the greatest part of it, it doesn’t have to be true! If I start with ‘Me, the religous boy I am’ the class would immediatly start to laugh, because I am the opposite, but I do have their attention now!
Make the problem a huge problem. If you can convince your class that the problem you have chosen is a real, big problem they are more interested in the sollution you offer. There is a big difference between ‘The red-headed frog is becoming extinct’ and ‘In 2 years, there won’t be any red-headed frog anymore.’ Make your class face the problem, awake them!.
Ask something! Be interactive! The class is on the same level as you are, they know plenty of things. You have to be exact. Don’t ask the class a question, they won’t respond. Ask a person. ‘Blabla, ALEX! What do you know about blabla’ the class will be awake immediatly, cause you are doing something uncommon. They should pay attention, cause they could be questioned!
Do anything interactive. I can’t say it enough. If you want attention, let them do something. Let them sing a song, make a popquiz or make a mindmap with the whole class about the subject. A mindmap is a really good idea, cause you can take an inventory of the knowledge about the subject.
Make it an interactive introduction, awake your class. They have to listen whole day to teachers, make yourself stand out. Make it their luminous point of the day!
This is how I recommend it, but do YOU have any ideas? I’m really curious, I have some presentations coming up, what can you learn me about this?



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