Dear readers, I would like to start this post for an apology for not posting the last two weeks. I needed some time to reflect what I was doing with StudySuccessful and where this site is heading. Got some new ideas, one better than the other probably 😉 Got one awesome idea, where I would like to get some feedback on! Anouncement will be at the end of the post!

Feeling tired in the afternoon? After lunch maybe? Or just in general tired every once in a while. Some people are ashamed of yawning, try to cover it with their hands. ‘No, I’m not tired at all’ is a lie told often. But please, why should you be tired? Why shouldn’t you embrace your inner tired person and sleep instead. Why wouldn’t you do a quick powernap?

A Powernap is a quick nap, not more than 20 minutes. This sleep can boost your creativity, effectiveness and productivity. You won’t sleep long enough that it will effect your night sleep, but also not short enough that there is no effect.

In this post I will review an app which stimulates brain waves to get to sleep and get awake again, but in order to understand what I am talking about you need a little background about powernapping. If you are familiar with the subject already, please skip to the end of the post where I will review the app!

I’ve discussed this subject before, including a quick ‘How To Powernap’ post. Besides this, I’ve also tested something called ‘The Key Method’, where you will wake up from the falling keys from your hand. Besides this blog, I’ve also written on several other blogs, including a Dutch one. This post has been featured as well in a published book called ‘175 Lifehacking Tips’.

Of course, all this knowledge doesn’t come from nowhere, I am actually a devoted napper myself, at least 4 times a week I use the power of the nap. Which makes me way more productive, way more creative and more energized in general. Yeah, I will call myself an expert. Let’s sum up real quick how you should powernap (this will be a little bit different than the other post about powernapping, as I’ve grown into a different system more).

How To Powernap – Without the App

  1. Grab a glass of water, close your curtains and lie down. All important steps. You want to have a glass of water besides you when you wake up, because the cold water can refresh you. The curtains should be closed to imitate night and lying down has proven to be effective. Of course, you won’t have the luxury of all this at your office or something, but I’m sure you can come up with something neat. When I am powernapping in the library for instance (yeah I do)I just lie down on my books.
  2. Set your alarm 20 minutes ahead. You will sleep within 5 minutes, this means you will have around 15 minutes sleep left. More than enough. I usually set my alarm only 16 minutes ahead, because I get to sleep quick and I feel more refreshed with a shorter nap. The thing is, when you sleep longer, you will get into another sleep phase, which means you will be in a deeper phase. This makes it not only harder to wake up, but you will feel sleepy as well when you wake up (instead of refreshed with a normal nap).
  3. Sleep! Sleep, nap, enjoy!
  4. Wake up, GET UP! REALLY IMPORTANT. Getting up immediatly. You don’t want to snooze off again, because this will result in more sleep, another sleep phase and a failed powernap. Get up, drink water, walk around.
  5. Get going again. When I am napping in the library, I usually get up, walk to the other end of the room, go sit again and get along with my work. The short walk really gets your blood flowing again and you will feel refreshed!

That is all for the powernap, it is actually really easy!

Power Nap – An app which helps you powernapping!

One of the first things I was looking for when I got my iPhone was an app for powernapping, something with an alarm function would be sufficient. Then I stumbled on Power Nap.

Power Nap is an app which uses advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment – this means it stimulates brainwave frequencies to different states of minds.

The idea is really simple. You select the sound you want to hear (for instance, I use ‘ocean waves’) which is the background sound. Rain is also possible, which is a sound a lot of people like to fall asleep with. Then you will select how long you want to have this app running. As said before, I use 16 minutes. You put in both of your earplugs (necessary, because the sounds are different in both ears) and you hit play. Lie down and enjoy.

First there will be descending delta waves, which makes you go to sleep. This will be followed by constant delta waves which makes sure you stay asleep, after this you will hear ascending beta waves, which will wake you up!

The Review

After using it around 5-10 times I have come to the conclusion that the app works. I am a trained powernapper of course, so maybe it is something I do normally as well, but I will wake up around 30 seconds before the program is finished. I think this is the result from the beta waves, which will wake me up.

One of the things I love is the sound you can select. The brainwave sounds make a strange sound, a little spooky as well, but if you select another sound besides it you won’t notice it that much.

Another thing is the design, it looks like you are working with a medical program or something, that savvy. The program runs a little slow, but it works!

Concluding thoughts and a request!

Powernapping is something I’ve been doing for a long time (almost two years now) and it is definitly something I love to do. There have been changes in how I do it, there have been different insights as well during my journey! For instance with the new app now, this will change the way I powernap! I can induce the sleepiness easier now.

I have a request for you. As you probably learned during this post powernapping is something I love to do and love to learn more about. I want questions/experiences! Have you ever done a powernap? What were your experiences with it? Do you think I should try a different approach? Share it! I would love to learn more about this subject, so I need questions! I will answer them, probably in upcoming posts, so make sure to send them!

Special anouncement

Every day I get questions from readers and everyday I try to answer these questions. But in one way or the other I feel like doing this isn’t enough. Because when one person has a question about something, someone else will be stuck with that question as well. That is why I would like to answer more questions to the audience. And there is only one way to do this easily and good. With a podcast.

This is the anouncement, I will start a podcast. One of the reasons of the silence last weeks was reflecting on this idea. The idea is simple. Once in every two weeks or so I will pick a question which is asked a lot and I will discuss this in front of a microphone. Nothing more, nothing less. This will be published on iTunes, so you can subscribe to the podcast. It should be a low-treshold podcast, which will motivate and inspire you. I like to listen to podcasts when I am running or something and I couldn’t find one about successful studying. StudySuccessful will fill this gap!

Share your thoughts on this idea! And share your questions of course, because I will need some content! Hope you are as enthusiast as I am!



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