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The person you are is heavily influenced by the people you are surrounded by. Do you live in a house where all your roommates play games all the time? You are likely to join them and you won’t get any work done. Are you in the national team for a sport? You are more likely to train hard, watch your food and live a healthy life, because the people you are surrounded by do the same!

How inspirational are your friends?

“For true inspiration, look to yourself and those beside you” – Yoda

Your level of inspiration is highly influenced by yourself. Are you an idea maker? Are you doing things that are inspirational to you? NICE!

And how do your friends respond to this? How are the people you are hanging out with the most towards your inspiration? Do they increase your level of inspiration? Are they inspirational to you, or are they energy-sucking inspiration killers?

Inspiration Killers

Let’s start with the negative first. Ever had a great idea and a friend who killed it immediatly? ‘Let’s make an app where you can find the cheapest beer in the neighbourhood.’ ‘Dude, that already exists and that would take a lot of time, how are you going to know the prices anyway?’ Screw them.

If your friends are responding like that, punch them in the face. Hereby I give you the full permission, if they get angry, send them to me. If your friends are EVER saying something similiar in their first response to your new idea, punch them. Why would you kill creativity/inspiration like that right away? WHY WOULD YOU? Please explain. Alright, don’t punch them, ask them that very question: ‘Why would you kill my idea like that before letting me finish? You just come up the stage, saying “Imma let you finish” like Kanye West and you just kill my very idea.’ This could turn out in a nasty fight, but the problem will be out of the way from that point on.

The thing is: Telling an idea, showing your inspiration is a sign of vulnerability. You are SO vulnerable when you are putting something uncommon out there. Something other people might not have thought about before, something that could be awesome (or really stupid). And what do those people do. They just kill it. You are showing them your cheek when you are telling a new idea for the first time and they simply smack your face. They deserve a punch back right?

I think spreading ideas is one of the most powerful tools in personal branding, as well one of the most powerful tools in becoming the awesome human being you are becoming. That is why I love the TED conference so much. People are spreading ideas, creating inspiration on that very moment. Which brings me to the next point.

Inspiration Givers

An other sort of people are the inspiration givers. They are the people who don’t answer your questions by answering them, but they tell you how to find the solution. They are the people who are laughing when you make a mistake, because you learn something. These friends are the friends that will embrace your new idea, until you are at a point where you could use some criticism and they will give it to you. They will shut their mouths until it is time to share their point of view.

They are the ones who come with new ideas as well. The ones who do inspirational things, as you are doing. People who aren’t watching television passivly all day, shouting at every idea that comes along, but people who are out with other people, having fun, creating inspiration.

Now it is up to you, pick your friends wisely..

Or just punch them in the face when they are smacking your cheek first! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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