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Only 2 hours left for probably the best Personal Development Deal you can get on the internet.

Adam Baker (from ManvsDebt.com) has organised with 23 of the biggest personal development bloggers out there to create a one-time (so only 72 hours) deal for the best personal development products out there.


Reader question!

Already got a couple of questions from my newsletter subscribers on how to use this deal as a student. Well, first you need to buy the package. Yeah it is an investment ($97), but it is an investment definitly worth it. Next steps? Let’s dive into it:

  1. Buy the package. Head over to the site right now and go to the checkout. Payments are through Paypal and creditcard.
  2. Put the books all somewhere else. Put them away in a different folder, you are not going to read them yet all together.
  3. Grab ‘Focus’ by Leo Babauta and read it first. This book will learn you some general principles on how to focus, even dealing with things like and more important: how to change a habit!
  4. Grab Scott H Young’s ‘Learn More, Study Less’ and read it. Read the book good and learn from it.
  5. Take the actions required to change which are described in the books into account for the next 6 months. Learn, experiment and improve.
  6. After half a year take a look at the other books. The other books are definitly worth a read as well, but as a college student, these two books will do the trick!

These two books already pile up to $102, so you are already cheaper off! And now with the other books you will definitly have health, happiness, sleep, financial success and everything else  you should have to become the best student you can possibly be!

Check it out now!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for this package, so yes I do get money from this. But this deal is so amazing I can’t let you go with not getting it..



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