Two Apps to help make Studying Less Terrifying

As the end of term draws nearer and nearer, students begin to initiate panic-mode. The dreaded deadlines that you have been attempting to ignore by pushing them to the back of your mind have started popping their heads back out from under the cracks. Besides the stress of completing your final semester projects and […]

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Build your own Personal Website – Free Guide UPDATED!

The last two years I had a simple PDF file online, it was called ‘How to build a Blog as a Student.’ It was a guide on building your own website, with screenshots explaining the several steps.

It was a pretty neat guide, even though I am biased. It was simple, it was complete and […]

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Build an Interesting Personality: Stack Up Your Identity Capital

Building a sellable personality as a college student can be frightening. Once you enter college you only have 4-6 years left to get some sort of degree, to show off ‘who you are.’ On the other side we also have to work on extracurricular activities in order to develop yourself as an individual.

Understanding key […]

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StudySuccessful Interviews – First Episode: Julius Glauche

People following the StudySuccessful Facebook Page received some teasers already. I was working on something.

In my life I talk with a lot of people, lot of friends of course, but I also meet a lot of new people. Most of these people have an interesting story to tell. A couple of those interesting stories […]

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Kickstart Your Team Project with the McDonalds Theory

Group projects are part of everyday life for every college student. The groups can be big, the groups can be small, but the group projects will always be there.

With group projects comes group dynamics. An interesting aspect if you ask me. In the beginning everybody is a little shy, while at the end of […]

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Less Focus on Smartphone and More on Task and Life in General

The past six months I got interested in minimalism. I cleaned out my room at my parents’, I got rid of a lot of clutter in my student house and brought the number of possessions way down. I am not the kind of person to count all my items and bring the number under […]

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