Today, you have a date with destiny
You see
These are early days
So, learn to change your ways
In order to get ahead in life
Else, you’ll have to fly a kite.

Jot down those notes
Raise your hand
Ask questions in class
Instead of smoking grass.

The professor is there to teach
Don’t be a blood-sucking leech
Did you enter class just to sleep?
Did you while away your time?
That’s like going to jail for crime.

It’s okay to be smart
Be curious like the morning lark
Hit the books, not the booze
Any loser can lie on a pillow and snooze.

Ignore those who lead you astray
Calling you nerdy, geeky or worse
Take comfort in their curses
Go home and pen a few verses.

Hit the gym and work out
Use your spare time wisely
Just do it quietly and politely
So one day you can be mighty.

Visit your teacher
During office hours
They don’t live in ivory towers
Be sure to shave and shower.

Your teachers are wise
They can help you win a prize
Ask them for reference
Improve yourself from such lessons.

Hang out with the right crowd
Volunteer and pursue that internship
It’s easy to lose your iron grip
And lose your way in school or college
Persevere and increase your knowledge.

There’s a lot to be said
About early rising
Partying all night at the bar
Won’t get you very far.

Go easy on the greasy food
It will make you brood
And increase your stress
When you want to be the best.

Don’t listen to the critics
Come on, you can do it
Pursue excellence if you can
Whether you are a woman or man.

That’s why you are here
To make a positive impact
Not to smoke crack
But to cover yourself with glory
And write your own success story.

While others attend a party
You can do better than that
Go to the local book-store
And find wisdom and ancient lore.

Instead of whining and complaining
Work at a menial job or better
If it’s cold, wear a sweater.

Schooling can make or break you
It’s upto you to take your chances
Take risks at every step of the way
Before you turn old and grey.

(Archan Mehta is a freelance writer and can be contacted at



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