What if everything was possible?

What if there were no limits? What if nobody would ever tell you again that you ‘can’t do something’. What if that just would be in the past? From now on everything is possible, there are just no limits.

‘You’ll be setting better goals if you view life as a dream. What role do you wish to play in the unfolding storyline?’

One of the most asked (and most annoying) questions I get

If you are (and you probably are, or at least sometimes) like me, you will have big ideas a lot of the time. And I don’t mean ‘becoming-major-of-your-city-dreams’. I mean ‘becoming-president-dreams’. Really, big time goals. Just really awesome goals. If you have them every once in a while and you are brave enough to even speak them out loud you will get this question (or anything similiar) a lot:

‘But isn’t that really hard?’

I hate that question. It really bothers me when somebody asks me something like it. Why? Because the answer is always the same. The answer is a full YES. It is really hard. Probably that hard I wouldn’t even accomplish it. But what does it matter? Can’t I have dreams? Can’t I just shoot for the stars? If I reach the moon, I’ll be really, really satisfied. And that would be awesome also!

You know what the thing is? The thing with this question is that there is no point in asking it. The person who asks that isn’t trying to ask you a real question at all. They know from the moment they ask the question the question is a retorical one. They don’t want an answer, they already know it. You don’t want to give an answer, because you know that they actually know the answer!

From this point on, if somebody asks you anything like this, just answer with: ‘I’ll manage.’ Or ‘I’ll find a way.’ Don’t try to defend yourself. Why? Because you just have to believe in the fact everything is possible. I’m done complaining about the awful question. Because this question wouldn’t bother us anymore.

From now on, everything is possible

Remember the questions I’ve asked you above? ‘What if anything is possible?’ From now, it is. Anything is possible. You can do anything. Like you had some super-power-up-potion. From this point on, everything is possible.

What would happen to your life?

Now, tell me: Anything is possible right now, what would happen? What will happen to your life? What would be your next step? No, what IS your next step? What are you going to do with your unlimited powers?

Let’s cut the Personal Development-crap, let’s get practical

The words I’ve said above were pretty abstract, you are probably not getting any practical use out of it. They might motivate you, make you excited, but will you have a next step? Probably not.

Now, the next step. Write a list, what do you want to have accomplished on this day, only one year in the future (so 28 September 2011) How do you want to have grown as a person? In what field do you want to have experience? Look at the people who are around you, who is doing something you would also love to do? Who is working with special kids? Who is organizing an awesome event? Is there anything what you really want to have done in the next year? Do it! Write down steps you need to take to reach that goal.

For instance, do you want to have written a book in a year? Write down steps. You need to find a topic first, research a niche or develop the main characters. Then, you want to actually write an outline, how is it going to be, what is the book about? Now, start writing. Actually sit down in front of your laptop and write! Get something done. Plan, work, work even more and fulfil your dream.

Nothing is impossible, now go!

No guys, absolutely nothing is impossible. Things can be really hard, yes, I don’t have to ask a question in order for you to understand this, but when something is hard that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Now go. Define your goal. Make a plan. Stick to the plan, act like it. Work your ass off and fulfill your dream, your destiny if you want.

I want to end with a nice little thing Steve Pavlina said on Twitter:

“You would be setting better goals if you view life as a dream. What role do you want to play in the unfolding storyline?”

Good luck guys. I believe in you. Nothing is impossible.

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