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Studying for a test or exam is never the most fun of times. Take it from all of us here at – we much rather would have been spending time with our sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, but it’s of course a must to keep those grades up! We learned to adapt our note-taking styles to make studying much easier, and to help retain all that information we learned in our classes. Here’s our tried and true advice on successful note-taking tips for your college days!

  • Go To Class – Sounds obvious, right? But what about those mornings that just look so drab outside, or when you perhaps stayed up a bit too late last night? Get up, drink some coffee, and get to class. Not only does it prepare you for the business world, but going to class and paying attention goes a long way in helping you retain information, already giving you an edge when it comes to exam time.
  • Be Prepared For Class – A tape recorder, or just listening to your professor talk, isn’t going to cut it. Bring a notebook or laptop along with you to class, and actively take notes. If your professor favors handouts, have a folder dedicated to only that class, and keep the handouts in there for your easy review. Shut your cell phone off or put it away in your bag to ensure you don’t miss anything your professor says.
  • Stay Organized – Sure, you know what your notes mean right now, but what about three months from now when it comes to exam time? Do your best to write as neatly and clearly as possible, providing enough info so you’ll be able to understand it a few months from now, as well. Create a bullet or numbering system you’re comfortable with, to keep your information as clear as possible. This may take some legwork initially, and during class, but it will go a long way in making note-taking and studying much simpler for you.
  • Review Your Notes Often – At least once per week, spend a half hour reviewing the notes you’ve taken for each course throughout the semester. You don’t need to review every tiny detail, but reviewing these notes regularly helps to further retain the information you learned, likely resulting in a higher grade when that test or exam rolls around.

We feel that college is the best four years of your life, and putting the time into effectively taking notes and reviewing those notes goes a long way in having a fun, smooth college life – and more time for Sorority Apparel, Fraternity Apparel, and Greek Merchandise shopping – three of our favorite things!

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