We see everyday that almost every student hates college. But what do they hate? Going to college, or college? Do they really hate educating themselfs?

As we all hate college, it is interesting to look at how we can motivate for college. How we can love going to college every day!
How not to motivate for college
  • Resemble yourself with other students. This works great on the short term; you want to become the best, the most successful student in your classroom and you are going to work for it. But on the long term, it doesn’t work. You give up, you will never be that best student. You won’t get straight A’s and you get in your ‘hating college’ mood again. This will not happen if you know the real reasons why you study. And with that motivation, you may have the best grades also, because you love to study!
  • Pass college for your parents. Your parents want you to become successful in life, so you need to go to college and get your diploma. And you think: ‘Allright, I only need that diploma.’ And you get that diploma, not full of A’s, but full of B’s and C’s and you are satisfied with it, because your parents are. This isn’t a motivation to become outstanding. It is a motivation to become mediocre.
How to motivate for college
  • Know why you do it. As young kids we all had dreams. Becoming a firefighter, policeman or becoming a doctor. You need dreams too. I want to become a neurologist, what do you want to become? Noble-prize winner? You want to start your own company? Now where you study for, make those dreams and make them reality by studying hard!
  • Love educating yourself. You need to love to suck up knowledge. If I am at a party, and I can tell things others don’t know, I feel great. You too right? (Or am I just some crazy kid) It is fun to know really much, it’s fun to understand as much as you can!
  • Go to frikkin’ Africa and see why. Go to the poorest countries of the world and see why you need college. They don’t get that chance, and you are going to blow the chance they would kill for? You ain’t going to make the most of it? How can you explain that to that kid which doesn’t have water that very evening? Tell me, how? You didn’t feel like studying? Come on man, make the most of your opportunities!
  • Accept it. Accept that college is going to take time. But if it does take time, make the best of that time. Put in a little more time, to make the time you have already putted in, is used for a better purpose. College takes time, accept it.
If you don’t go to college now, you think that it stinks and you just don’t go and convert your part time job into a full time job. What is going to happen?
  • You don’t like your job.
  • You will count the hours you have to work at your job.
  • You arrive exactly at nine and leave exactly at five.
  • You will live towards your retirement.

What about it? Everybody has these problems

No they don’t. Or they shouldn’t. You should love your work. Your job should be at the level you are able to work. If you can get A’s in college, you shouldn’t end up at the McDonalds, make full use of your capacity.

But there is good news, there is college!

Westwood College runs an awesome campaign at the moment. You can find it at Westwoodhelp.me, it is a campaign about you, you can still save your carreer. This campaign comes with videos of which only one is released yet. This video is a great example of someone who doesn’t like his job.

This guy doesn’t like his job, clearly. He makes it better than it is when the camera is in front of him. You see that he wanted to become something else, and now he didn’t became it, he is pretending that this is a really cool job. How long will he keep pretending? A couple of years maybe. More vids will be released soon, I will update this post to show them also! (For more information about the campaign, visit the site: Westwoodhelp.me)

Of course is college not fun every day, but make the most out of it. The tips I gave in this post are tips to motivate your deeper self, to keep motivated for years. But there are some ways to motivate yourself on the short term also. Keep having fun in college by enjoying the moments with your fellow students, funny profs. Motivate yourself and enjoy your college time and you won’t end up as an ‘Armadillo-from-the-road-scraper’!

I am going on vacation to China this week, so I won’t be editing comments or replying to them. I have scheduled some posts, but I am not sure if it works. Anyway, see you next week!

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