Companies and organizations work a lot of times with an ‘organization mission statement’. This could be the ultimate goal for that company, or why they exist. For instance, I am in the organization of an International Medical Student Congress and we have to mission statement to be a leading forum and to improve medical research among students. A clear statement, where you can direct all your actions from. In life, we all should have a certain statement.

All your actions are for that mission statement

When you have a clear mission statement, you can test everything you EVER do to that statement. If I am working on a project for the congress, I can always ask myself: ‘Is this improving medical research?’ ‘Is this making us a more leading forum?’ In this way, I always know if what I am doing is correct. Because if my actions aren’t really for the mission statement, just fun to do, I shouldn’t do them, as it isn’t helping the goals of the organization. So your action can be tested to that statement, but you can also always keep the statement in mind to make hard decisions. What is now the best for the organization? If I work on the congress, the misison statement is in my mind ALWAYS.

Having your own mission statement

What do you want to reach in life? What is your ultimate goal? It can be: Living happily ever after, but that is probably a little bit too vague. What do you want to change? What do you want to reach? Why are you here? Define your own mission statement. It should be clear and you should be able to describe it in a couple of sentences, to make it even more powerful. My mission statement would be something like: ‘Being happy. Changing minds to making the best out of everything.’ And the description: Being happy is just being happy in life in general, something which works out for me everyday. Changing minds mean something like changing minds of people when they don’t think in bigger goals. Everything we do is a chance, everything is an opportunity. People just have to see it. There are a couple of other things which are important in my life, like changing the thinking of bigger organizations. There are a lot of student-organizations who don’t have the ultimate goal in mind anymore: the students. But as that is an ongoing process, I don’t take that in my mission statement. Important! The statement should be really, really important to you. Improving medical research among students is REALLY important to me, that is why I am in the Executive Board of the ISCOMS, instead of a congress on global health. Also important, but not really important to me. Because I have such an affection with the statement I can direct all my actions in a way I always be helping the statement.

Use the statement!

Now, set the statement in your head. State it so good that it won’t be removed very easily. From now on, you will test all your actions to that statement, is it going to help the statement? Have the statement in your mind ALWAYS, just always. Always think about it. See opportunities to work on your statement everywhere. Do something, work on it. When you are psyched about the statement, this won’t be hard. If this statement is something you can live (or die) for, this shouldn’t be very hard. If this statement is something you absolutely love, there won’t be a problem. Live for the statement. Define the statement, live to it. This is what you want to do in life, this is why you are here. I hope I’ve stressed enough the importance of the statement, of what it can mean to you. Be awesome, do the things which makes you awesome. Good luck.

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