Dear readers,

With 2010 being almost at the end, it is time for some reflection. If there is one mantra for StudySuccessful, it probably will something be like ‘Evaluate and Improve Yourself’. So let’s do that a little in this Christmas letter from me, Stefan Knapen, author of to you, the reader of this blog!

The year has been good, very good, to this blog. I had a vision in the beginning of the year, I wanted to make a ‘business’ out of my internet experience, earn big bucks and learn the Cloud Living internet-lifestyle. Did that work out? Not so much, of course not. Not a problem at all, I’ve learned a lot in the past year, about blogging, about internet marketing and about Studying Successful. I’ve finished my first year as a medical student and I am currently busy with organising an international medical student conference. (By the way, if you are doing research in the medical field, I can definitly recommend this conference to you. One of the biggest in the world with student presentations and 4 keynote lectures. I can tell you two of those keynote lectures will be given by Nobelprize winners!). Besides all of this I am still enjoying my life. I’ve had a lot of fun with friends, with my girlfriend and just general in everything I do. I can call myself a happy person.

StudySuccessful has also grown in the past year. Last year with Christmas, I was pleased to announce the new lay-out, which I still use. It is the Thesis theme, one of the easiest and most professional looking themes there currently is. This site has now close to 200 posts, remember the 100th post? That was also the post where I released my first ebook! ‘9 ways to get motivated for college‘. The ebook has been downloaded around 350 times, which I find nothing but a great compliment.

Besides the ebook, at the end of the summer I’ve also launched my first video course! It is called ‘Successful Students Motivational Course‘, which contains the ebook, a workbook and 6 videos of me talking to you about motivation for college. This course is a short, but surefire way to get motivated for college. I don’t have the exact numbers, but after putting the course up, there have been a lot more newsletter subscriptions!

A couple of weeks ago I’ve also shared my report on how to start a blog as a student. In the short time it is up right now it has been already downloaded 110 times! I am really proud of it. If anybody has taken this advice to the next level and actually started a blog, shoot me an email, I would love to see it!

But the best of all this year has been helping you, the readers. I’ve had a ton of emails with questions, wonderings and thoughts. That is where I feel I am the most lucky with having a blog. Helping people. Launching ebooks/courses is great of course, but actually helping somebody, really direct, through an email, makes me feel REALLY happy. So please, keep the questions coming, I love to answer them.

I’ve had a fantastic year. StudySuccessful as well. I hope to continue on this in 2011, I hope that I can keep coming up with great content, great materials to help you succeeding in college life. How has your year been, let me know in the comments!

Dear reader, thanks for the past year, I hope we can have a great year in 2011. Next post will be a ‘normal’ post again, but I just needed to reflect a little. Underneath you can find the most popular posts in 2011, I hope you can enjoy them again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear.

Kind regards,

Stefan Knapen,


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