Cycling around the other day I saw something happen. A guy in a car didn’t gave right of way to somebody who came from a lane at the right (which means he had the right of way). I started to think:

Getting or taking right of way

You hear it sometimes, ‘right of way isn’t something you should get, you should take it.’ I used to believe that, just take the right of way you deserve it, right? Until a week ago. I live on a big traffic intersection and somebody took the right of way. That ended in an accident. Made me think twice. From now on, deserving, getting and taking the right of way isn’t the same to me anymore.

Giving right of way is something great to do. Somebody doesn’t expect it and suddenly they can go before you go. Pretty nice, you feel good and the other person feels good about you. Getting right of way is also great, because you get a chance. Now taking is something different, you feel tough, because you just went, but others will think you are asocial or even worse. Besides that, you can end up being in an accident, just because you are so stubborn.

Traffic is like life

And here is the similarity with life. Right of way have all the similarity with chances, opportunities we get in our everyday life. You get chances every once in a while and that feels awesome. You can give others chances also, which may can even feel better. Just like giving and getting the right of way!

TAKING a chance (while it belongs to someone else), just like you take right of way, can feel good, but people will look at you with mad eyes, they won’t feel good about it. And the worst of all is that you could end up screwing up the chance which causes even more problems! Like an accident.

What do you do in traffic? And is that the same as in life? Do you give away chances? Or do you just take chances, do you just take right of way? Perhaps you should change that, because you don’t want to end up being in an accident.

Good luck, don’t forget to wear your seatbelts.

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