Interested in Learning More and Studying Less? Nice, same here. Scott H Young from wrote anĀ amazing ebook on that subject. Besides the book, Scott has also recently launched a video course on it, where he discusses the book in 12 modules. I will review both in this post.

The Book

Learn More, Study Less is a book that can honestly change your student life. At least the academic side. When you thought you had a good learning system (as I did), your mind will still be blown after reading this book. First of all, Scott starts with a guide on how to use the book. This isn’t a novel, or even a normal book. You should use this book as a textbook, as a roadmap. This book requires action, the Holistic Learning Strategy he describes asks for action, implementation.

After telling you how to use the book, the first part will give you more understanding on how Holistic Learning works. Basicly, this strategy allow you to never use cramming (rote memorization) anymore. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you will know that learning is much more than just reading. Cramming data in the grey mass called your brains isn’t smart studying, that isn’t something Successful Students would do. Isn’t there another way? Yes! And it is called Holistic Learning.

Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning is something completely opposite of what you know studying is right now. You think you just have to read and reread your notes over and over again? That is studying? Probably not. Holistic Learning will learn you to explore what you already know and link that to what you have to learn. Making use of constructs, models and highways will allow you to build a city in your head. Different cities about different subjects. What was that calculus formula about again? Just visit the calculus city in your head, you will remember.

Your brain isn’t a file storage system like a computer. As a computer stores information in 1’s and 0’s, your brain will store information by associations between billions of neurons. The brain isn’t a closet with information, it is like a network, with endless amount of connections between endless amounts of points. Holistic Learning makes use of this knowledge and connects what you need to know to everything you’ve already learned before.

Holistic Learning Techniques

After teaching you the Holistic Learning Strategy, Scott will explain several Holistic Learning Techniques. From ways to acquire information to ways to store information. This part of the book is probably the core of the Learn More, Study Less strategy with almost 100 pages about these techniques. Every technique comes with a mind challenge, a way to implement the technique right away.

Beyond Holistic Learning

As Scott has been blogging for more than four years now, he wrote a lot about productivity and ways to motivate yourself. This is all covered in the third part of the book. The third part is how to become a productive student. Although I write on this blog for around 1,5 years right now, I learned a lot in these 30 pages.

The Video Course

Where the book is a course, the video course is a course where you can master the principles of Holistic Learning. Scott covers in 12 modules all the aspects of the book, but he also makes it even more extinsive. Around 6 hours of video material gives you really the feeling you understand the concept of Holistic Learning.


Besides the book and the video course, there are a lot of extra’s for you. This includes six worksheets, where you can implement what you learn directly, a 38-page Case-Study manual, where you can learn more about the implementation of the learning technique and several expert interviews.


I’ve always seen myself as a productive student. As a guy who knew how to study and how to hack college life. To a certain level, that was true, but after reading Learn More, Study Less and especially after watching the video modules, I’ve come to realization that there is still a lot to learn. With the beginning of the academic year I am going to implement the mind challenges, implementing Holistic Learning in my study habits. With this I should be even more relaxed about my studying and should get even higher grades.

The verdict is that the book and the course is definitly a must-have for college students who would like to get more from college. If you are one of those students, check out the book and the course over here. You will be astonished. Get the course now!

Learn More, Study Less review (video!)

I am sorry for the enthusiast and somehow ‘salespage’ voice I have in this post. But I wrote this post after reading the guide and after watching the videos. What I wrote down is completely honest, this selling voice is genuine.



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