After writing a post on how to motivate for college I decided to make a serie of posts out of this. This serie is not only to motivate for college, but to motivate for anything! Here is part one.

Failures are a good example of how you don’t want to end. This could be anything, watch some hobo’s on the street, read a book about how someone went from everything to nothing or just look in the newspapers how things can go wrong.

What is the idea behind watching failures

When you look at failures, you discover that this is what you really don’t want. This means, you see someone who could be anything, but they didn’t go to college, so they are nothing. You look at them, understand how they got there and you see that you have to do it different, to actually succeed!

Some examples to watch

  • 2008’s Tour de France winner Rasmussen. He won the tour the france, but there was something wrong. He is under suspicion of using illegal stuff to make his prestations better. Definitly a failure. This can motivate you to do things in the right way.
  • Alfred Nobel. Yes, the guy from the Nobelprize. He made a great invention. Dynamite! A pretty explosive invention. This is a failure towards mankind, and he knew it. In his last will he let the world know he wanted to raise a fund with the money he made with dynamite. This fund would be used to applaud scientists for new discoveries they did. His invention was a failure, the guy himself wasn’t. This could be a great motivation to set things straight, even when you ***ed up.

Last but not least. This video.

This girl is definitly a failure. She is really a cute girl and wanted to become an architect, be she didn’t became it. You don’t want to become like her right? You do want to become what you always wanted to become. Well, do it! Doesn’t this video motivates you? (This video comes from a campaign. Visit the site from the campaign at!)

Do you want to get motivated? Learn from failures and feel the energy to do it better than them!



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