Those kids are always the bullied kids. The kids who wanted more, wanted to study more and want to excellerate in their field. They still are. The geeks. The stupid kids who are in the library all the time. But are they that stupid? I want to get more out of my life, but am I really doing that? Perhaps. I don’t study as much as I could do, but I have fun a lot of times instead of studying. That is also worth a lot, right? Still I think I can do a lot more and have as much fun as I’m having now. The only problem is motivation.

I’ve written a few post about motivation, but still I find it hard to motivate myself. I use a lot of my free time watching Friends first, now I finished all 10 seasons and now with watching How I Met Your Mother. You already know I love that show. When I have a spare hour, I will watch a couple of episodes, while I should be doing other things. In a week those hours add up pretty fast.

What now?

Ok, I have analyzed the problem and I’ve acknowledged it. One of the biggest steps is taken. So what do I have to do now?

  • Stop watching shows before sleep. I love watching shows, but I shouldn’t before I go to sleep. If I want to get a good night sleep, I have to read before I go to sleep. I’ll fall asleep faster and don’t have a zooming laptop all night long next to me.
  • Stop going back to my room every free hour. It isn’t a shame to use the library every once in a while.
  • I am going to work 12 hours a week. This will give me a more tight schedule. This means 12 hours less for me to do nothing, because I need to do a lot more in less time.
  • Be an active blogger again. I admit, I didn’t do much about my blog last couple of weeks. I am going to post at least 2 blogs a week again and comment on other blogs and be a writer for!

Yeah, I set a couple of goals for myself in these last months of 2009. And I am going to make sure 2009 was a great year, it was already, but these last two months are going to make it even better! It will be pretty busy, so I need to make a couple of concessions. I am going to be the stupid kid again. I am going to be more in the library. Who is with me on this trip? Let’s make these last months cool, let’s make them worth it, let’s make them AWESOME.



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