I love to read. At least, I did love to read. But somehow, the last couple of years I fell asleep watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, rewatching Friends or playing the new episode of Diggnation.

Anyway, I did anything but read. And back in my childhood, I read for hours before going to sleep. Sure, I had to be in bed by 9 pm, but did this withhold me from reading until 2 AM? Of course not!

But somehow I didn’t do this anymore. And I pity this. So I began to wonder what it was and I start to taking books in bed and everything, but somehow I just didn’t read in bed. Until Steve Jobs’ Biography came out. I got this book on my iPhone and start reading. And I was thinking: ‘well, if I can read from a screen, maybe I should get an e-reader’.

After talking to some friends with an iPad I decided I didn’t want one for reading books. The problem on my phone was that I would still switch over to another app and I hated the bright screen. Especially in bed, this wasn’t perfect in any way. Apps in the background can be VERY distracting..

Having some gift cards from Amazon, I decided to get an Amazon Kindle and started reading on it.

Kindle for Students – My Experience

I started with Steve Jobs, as I didn’t finished it yet on my iPhone (have you seen the size of this book?!), and I was astonished. The screen of the Kindle is just not a normal screen, it isn’t anything like it.The e-ink of which they are really proud simply works. If I play a game on my phone for an hour (favorite game of this moment is Muffin Knight) my eyes hurt. After reading for half a day I don’t have any problems with the Kindle!

Getting books on the device is really easy as well, just a USB-cable (WiFi doesn’t seem to work, probably as I don’t live in the US or something) and it is done.

And I finally started reading again. Read Steve Jobs, I Will Teach You to be Rich and am currently reading Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. This is more than I read in an entire year last couple of years (with the holidays excluded).

Study Material

The thing is, I hate printing. There are tons of people who print all the summaries, print all the assignments and just print whenever they can. My reaction? The question ‘Do you just hate trees or something?’ We live in a time where printing isn’t necessary anymore, so please stop printing at every moment you can.

The Kindle is a big solution to this, I put all my summaries, assignments and pieces of text for meetings on it. I can read it as easily as a sheet of paper, so why wouldn’t I?

Currently I am using the summaries to read and create flashcards out of them, all of this with the Kindle and without a bright screen. This works out great for me, especially as the Kindle has a great battery life.

Features – So You Know What I am Talking About

So I mentioned already some features, but I want to make a quick sum up for you as well, so you know what I am talking about here. No unimportant sales-letter stuff, but just information students care about.

  • Batter life. Long enough. Amazon.com says it is like 15 hours I think, but after using it for a while, the battery life is long enough. I didn’t have any problems yet with an empty battery, with using it a lot. I don’t even look after it, how much battery there is left.
  • Weight. I carry my Kindle in my coat. It is really light-weight, something you won’t expect from a device like this. Way better than carrying a book around!
  • Size. Again, it fits my coat pocket, it fits my paints pockets as well.
  • Screen. The screen is made out of e-ink, so it won’t hurt your eyes – even after days of reading.
  • Capacity. Enough. As well, the device can hold up 1400 books, of course, you won’t reach this number.
  • Price. Cheap. Not even 80$ on Amazon right now. In my case it included some taxes and shipping as well, but I was still happy to put that money down.
For more features, check out the Amazon website.

Other People Their Experience with My Kindle

One other thing I love about the Kindle is the reaction of other people. I live in the Netherlands and the Kindle just didn’t make it’s appearance here yet. There isn’t any e-reader very popular over here, except from an iPad (which I think isn’t an e-reader). So the reaction is just hilarious.

Others just don’t get it. The average conversation I had about the Kindle:

‘Hey Stefan, what is this little thing?’ ‘A Kindle, an ereader from Amazon.com, the international version of Bol.com (there are even people who don’t know Amazon..)‘ ‘A ok, some sort of iPad?’ *Start to random touch the screen* ‘No, it is just for books, so no other apps to distract me. And it isn’t a touchscreen, look at the buttons over here. The screen is not lightened, so it won’t hurt your eyes.’ ‘Ah ok, looks cool.’

And then they walk away or something. I have had this conversation a couple of times, but there was one guy who got more interested:

‘So, you have your study material on here as well?’ ‘Yup..’ ‘All of these printed sheets?’ *Points to his own sheets* ‘Yup..’

One week later I saw the guy again, without his stack of papers and waiving his Kindle to me. Priceless.

Concluding thoughts

Maybe you just need to understand the potential. Maybe you just need ‘get’ it. Anyway, there is a ton of potential in this device. Not having to carry all those papers around, always having a book in your pocket (I carry mine in my coat actually!) and the light weight gives it a very good touch.

I am very happy I made this investment. With only a 79$, you will earn it back soon enough in not having to print everything anymore! Let me know what you think about the Amazon Kindle! And more important, if you have book recommendations, let me know as well!

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