As my post about the awesome Barney Stinson is still in the popular post section, I decide to do something similair to it, write a post about the legendary Joey Triibiani (the one from Friends).

  1. How you doin’? Always ask how someone is doing. When there are problems, give them a listening ear. When there aren’t problems, they will like it that you’ve asked. Showing interest every once in a while makes us a better person, not only in the eyes of others, but also towards yourself! And, of course, it is a great pick-up line.
  2. Pizza is a snack. Pizza isn’t a good meal, it’s just a snack. Eat pizza when you feel like a snack. Have pizza for lunch, pizza is more than a quick dinner. Enjoy pizza, everytime you want!
  3. Never give up. Joey is an actor with not that much success. He had played once in a commercial, he played Kevin who couldn’t open a milk package. But he keeps doing what he wants to do and eventually becomes ‘Dr. Drake Romoray, neurosurgeon.’ Friends stopped after 10 seasons and what did Joey do? He started the show ‘Joey.’ Don’t give up.
  4. Don’t act smarter than you are. Joey is honest, when Ross starts to talk about paleontology, Joey says he doesn’t understand it. He knows he is pretty stupid and he is not afraid to admit it. Don’t act smarter than you are, eventually, people will look through your act!
  5. Invent cool games. FIREBALL! Come on guys, invent some cool games, submit them here in the comments and let’s go play them!
  6. You can’t do it alone. Barney Stinson shows how awesome he is, he is the only one that awesome in the show How I Met Your Mother. Than Joey, he is fun without the others, but not that much fun. Joey needs other people, his spinoff was bit of a flop. Don’t forget that you are not alone, find likeminded people and enjoy.

Those are 5 things we can learn from the legendary Joey Tribbiani. These 5 things could make us a lot cooler. It won’t make us a Joey, but it will definitly develop our personalities. Good luck.



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