When you need to finish a paper, but you don’t do it, you are procrastinating. With this procrastination you build up a guilty feeling. ‘Shit, I didn’t work on my paper, I need to finish it right now, because I wasted a lot of time, I feel so guilty.’ This seems like a good motivator for a lot of people, they claim that they can work good with a guilty feeling.

Why I don’t think guilt is a good motivator
Ask yourself a question, is guilt an intrinsic or an extrinsic motivator? Does it come from the outside in the form of reward/punishment or comes it from the inside; do you really want to finish your paper deep inside? At first, you would say that guilt is an intrinsic motivator. You are feeling guilty, so you want to finish your paper now. I can’t agree with this. I think guilt is an extrinsic factor. Guilt is a punishment for not doing your task. So now you have to fix that guilty feeling by finishing a paper. In that way, you aren’t punished. So guilt is punishment before you did anything.

What will happen on the long term?
On the long term, you can’t keep guilt as a motivator to finish tasks. Because you aren’t changing from an extrinsic to an intrinsic motivator. If you want to succeed on the long term, you need to get away from rewards/punishments, you need to stand completely behind your goal. You need to find an intrinsic motivator to keep pushing yourself more close to your end-goal.

So, when you are feeling guilty about not-doing something, stop feeling guilty. You just didn’t do it, accept it. Finish it now and do your task on time next time. Don’t let yourself feeling guilty, because it doesn’t work. Good luck.

The anouncement

I have written my first ebook about motivation. It will be called ‘9 ways to get motivated for college’, it contains 8 tips to get motivated for college. Not the ordinary way, but ways you may not have thought about before! By the reactions I already had, I can tell that the ebook is going to be pretty awesome.

But I want more awesomeness. I want you to get involved. What is your tip to get motivated? Please share it in the comments or on Twitter or just send me an email. Just write down your way to get motivated in about 25 words (not more than a twitter text) and I will put your tip in my ebook! I’ll mention your tip with a link back to your Twitter/site/orwhatever. Interaction all over the place! Please share your tips!

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