This week I’ve interviewed David Pierce! David Pierce is the author of, previously, a blog about technology! I love this blog and I can advice it to anyone who is trying to learn more about technology and want to get more out of his computer.

This is the second interview in my interview with college bloggers series. Last week I had an interview with Scott H Young. Coming up next weeks: Ibrahim Hussain (previous owner of and Cal Newport (from StudyHacks)! Stay tuned. Here is the interview:

[Me]: Hi David! Thanks for participating in this interview. Can you give the readers a short introduction about yourself?

[David]: I’m a 21-year-old student at the University of Virginia, and a politics major for some reason I’ve never really figured out. Mostly, I love technology- gadgets and gizmos, and all that good stuff. My blog is Digitizd, and I’m also a freelnace writer for a number of tech and gadget blogs around the Web. I’ve been doing both for a little over a year now and it just keeps getting more fun!

[Me]: Nice! You’ve started blogging while you were in college. This combines two time-sucking activities. How did you manage to do both at the same time?

[David]: The key, for me, has been figuring out how to manage my time. I realized pretty quickly that with even the slightest bit of procrastination, something quickly goes by the wayside because there’s just so much going on. I’ve tried to be good about setting and sticking to a schedule, but always making sure there’s plenty of down time and fun time – that’s what college is for! But honestly, the truth is that I love blogging, and I love college – neither is tough to find time for, because I genuinely love doing each one. I’ve been lucky enough to take classes I like, blog about interesting things, and generally enjoy pretty much all of it.

[Me]: Do you have a secret ninja trick to succeed in college life?

[David]: My best trick isn’t really a secret ninja trick (though I do have a couple), it’s just to be smart. In reality, you don’t need to do all the reading for a class, and some papers just aren’t worth 12 hours of your time. Spend some time at the beginning of the semester gauging just how much a given class is going to require from you—they’re really not all equal, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

The other thing I’ve done, which has helped me hugely, is to go through at the beginning of the semester and schedule every single assignment—tests, papers, everything with a due date gets put into my calendar and task list. That way, I can figure out which weeks are going to require tons of my time, and can prepare ahead. There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing you won’t be leaving the library for six days, and knowing ahead of time when the rough patches hit means you can be ready when they do.

[Me]: Do you read other college blogs as well? And how do you think that helps you in college? Which blogs would you recommend?

[David]: I read a lot of college blogs, actually. Some are more useful than others, but the perspective on life from a college student is a unique one, and tends to resonate with me better than most other people.
Some of my favorites: HackCollege, StudySuccessful (of course!), StudyHacks, Studenomics, and CollegeTimes.

[Me]: What kind of New Year’s resolution do you wish to share with the readers?

[David]: My New Year’s resolution, hmm. For a long time, I gave up on New Year’s resolutions, because they’re kind of arbitrary and guilt-inducing. But for this year, my resolution is to figure out what I love, and how to do it. College students are too worried about finding a job—money comes first, then enjoying your job. I want to do it the opposite, finding out what’s awesome and then figuring out how to do it. College, when we’re pretty carefree and without a lot of responsibilities, is the perfect time to shoot for the stars—why not do it? Forget playing it safe.

[Me]: Any closing thoughts?

[David]: For anyone out there looking to make a name for themselves—start a blog! You can blog on any topic, and if nothing else, it’ll be the best resume tool you ever have.
Thanks for having me, Stefan!

Next week another interview. Stay tuned.



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