You have probably heard from One of the biggest blogs out here. If you do, you’ve probably heard about Zen To Done also, a book by the author of the blog Leo Babauta.

Well, that book was a present I got. And it was fantastic. This book opens up your eyes and makes you want to implement the suggested changes. The book contains 10 habits for a more efficient life. Implement these 10 habits and you will live a more controlled life.

Zen To Done, is that like Getting Things Done?

No, it isn’t David Allen’s Getting Things Done. It is related though. GTD is a system which also organizes your life, which gives you the opportunity to start with anything you want on any moment of the day. ZTD doesn’t give you that; ZTD gives you structure and balance.

The biggest difference between the two is probably that you need to implement a lot of changes at once with GTD and with Zen To Done you change only one habit at the time.

The power of the book

And that is the power of the book. Leo forces you to implement only one habit at the time. Focus on one habit for a month and make sure the habit is implemented in a good way. Leo gives a couple of reasons for only one habit at the time, which convinced me!

For Students

Why does as student need to implement these habits? Because I think you need to start really early to master these habits. If we master these 10 habits now, we can start to take control and life an organized life now. Besides that, we are open, we can learn. We aren’t stuck in a pattern we need to follow. We can change.

My plan

I cannot wait one month with each habit and I think I can implement more than one habit at the time, so I will speed the process a little (This is also suggested in the book, if you are like me, you can speed the process a little). I am going to implement one habit for a month, but after two weeks I will implement another habit as well. I am starting in January.

My plan:

January Habit 1: Collect
Half January – Half February Habit 2: Process
February Habit 3: Plan
Half February – Half March Habit 4: Do
March Habit 5: Simple, Trusted System
Half March – Half April Habit 6: Everything in its place
April Habit 7: Weekly Review
Half April – Half May Habit 8: Simplify
May Habit 9: Routine
Half May – Half June Habit 10: Find your Passion

There will be an overlap every month, so I focus on two habits at the time. I do this because I think I am (as a student) not as busy as a normal employee. If I find out it doesn’t work, I will change to my plan to something I can stick to.

I will post every month about my progress, how I am doing in implementing the fantastic ZTD system. This will keep me motivated to follow my plan and it makes it an obligation. Who is with me? Who wants to change his life? I am sure that many of you feel like me, cluttered, busy and unbalanced. Let’s try this system and let’s become supermen. Who is in? Get the book here and become a superman with me.

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