It has been more than 6 months now since I’ve had the HP bundle to review. I’ve done some reviews in the beginning of the giveaway and I am going to do the last one now.

The HP Pavilion dv6
What a machine. It works perfect for me. It’s big, it has muscles and it keeps going all the time. I almost never shut down my laptop, I always put it to sleep only, and it still works great. I haven’t been testing out any great games, basicly because I just don’t have the time and money for those games, but it has the potential to carry some great titles. I love the HDMi port, when I’ve plugged my laptop on the HD tv of my parents it was fantastic.

Furthermore, the dv6 came with 500gb hard drive, which is awesome of course, 4gb RAM, which makes it super fast and with Windows Vista. I think I’m going to upgrade to Windows 7, since all the great stories I’ve heard about it, but this works out fine too!

The HP Mini 110
In the beginning I said it was a sweet little thingy. And it still is. It has everything you expect from a netbook, and it misses everything all the other netbooks miss. It doesn’t have a cd-player and it doesn’t have a big intern memory. Although, it does have a big uptime (around 5-6 hours) and it is sooo lightweighted. I love it.

TimBuk2 backpack
Before I got the TimBuk2 backpack, I’ve never heard about them. Shame on me, obvious. TimBuk2 is great. The backpack I have is great, it is big, it has a seperate place for my laptop and it works out great. I’m travelling 2 times a week by train for around 3 hours, I always take the TimBuk2 bag, it can carry everything, including both the laptops and it takes me everywhere!

For students
Alright, this is great, but you want to know what it means for you of course. Well, I love the complete pack. I think it is a great bundle together. I use the netbook to make notes in class. You can just carry it in your bag (I think the TimBuk2 bag is too big to bring to class) and you can get it out really quick. It has an uptime for around 6 hours, so you won’t have any problems with failing batteries. The dv6 is the wonderful machine which stays home, ready to rock when you are back at your dorm room. It has all the power you need there, while you have the mobility with the mini 110. The backpack is wonderful for travelling to your parents’ and back.

To conclude, a great bundle. A great set of machines to use when you are a student. Thanks again to HP for supplying this great stuff!

If you have something which may be interesting to review, please contact me, maybe we can arrange something, I would love to help you out!



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