I am really excited to announce that StudySuccessful is into a program from Ivy Worldwide, HP and Microsoft. I am going to review a notebook, a netbook, synch software and a backpack on this site! And it gets even better, I can give away that package to you, my readers!

What am I going to review?

I haven’t recieved the package yet, but I do already know what I am going to review.

  • The HP dv6. A powerfull notebook, with pretty much cool stuff. Like a blu-ray, light sribe and even fingerprint reader. More about all of that later.
  • The HP Mini 110. A small netbook. Which I can carry all the time, so small that I can carry it in my backpack. I will come with cool stuff about this later.
  • Syncables software. With this software, I can synch the mini to the big one all the time, if I understood it correct, with one push on a button!
  • A great TimBuk2 backpack! How can you carry all that stuff without a great backpack, TimBuk2 will deliver what you need with carrying!

So of course, I am super excited to review all this stuff! But there is more. I can give you some good deals in the near future and the best part: I can run a contest to give away this package. I want to make one thing clear, this is NOT the package I have here in the Netherlands, this is another package which I can give away! So brand new, never used and all! This package includes the hp dv6 and the Hp mini 110 and a for StudySuccessful.com customized backpack! Should be pretty awesome!

I am not sure about the contest yet, but it is going to be cool, I am sure about that.

I am not the only one in this project, there are 24 bloggers more who are running this giveaway! Here is a list with all the blogs and when they are running the contests! (Yes, you can enter every contest on this list. No, you can only win one package!)

Student Bloggers Starts: 12th August Finishes: 16th August
Geek Zone Starts: 13th August Finishes: 17th August
Kill Jill Goes To College Starts: 14th August Finishes: 18th August
Study Successful Starts: 15th August Finishes: 19th August
Gear Live Starts: 16th August Finishes: 20th August
CampusGrotto Starts: 17th August Finishes: 21st August
Poorer Than You Starts: 18th August Finishes: 22nd August
Notebooks Starts: 19th August Finishes: 23rd August
ThePrereq. Starts: 20th August Finishes: 24th August
Hack College Starts: 21st August Finishes: 25th August
College Times Starts: 22nd August Finishes: 26th August
OSNN Starts: 23rd August Finishes: 27th August
Green Panda Treehouse Starts: 24th August Finishes: 28th August
Building Camelot Starts: 25th August Finishes: 29th August
Mocha Dad Starts: 26th August Finishes: 30th August
College Candy Starts: 27th August Finishes: 31st August
Studenomics Starts: 28th August Finishes: 1st September
The 2.0 Life Starts: 29th August Finishes: 2nd September
Geeks room Starts: 30th August Finishes: 3rd September
Debt Free Scholar Starts: 31st August Finishes: 4th September
One Day One Job Starts: 1st September Finishes: 5th September
Daddy Forever Starts: 2nd September Finishes: 6th September
Clinton Fitch Starts: 3rd September Finishes: 7th September
Zen College Life Starts: 4th September Finishes: 8th September
Gear Diary Starts: 5th September Finishes: 9th September

This is going to be BIG. Keep updated! Subscribe to my feed and make sure you follow me on Twitter, cause I am going to publish the latest news on the contest and the package there. Not only news from the contest, but also I am going to offer you some cool deals, keep up to date! And for more information, visit the Back to School: Better Together website!



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