A common problem among students, and other people also, is getting up. We want to get up at seven, but when the alarm actually rings, we hit the snooze button. At eight, we finally try to make a move to get out. I wanted to become a good riser, and it worked, by using Steve Pavlina’s techniques.

How to wake up when the alarm rings

First of all, you may want to be an early riser, you want to get up at 5 am and be productive in the morning, but it won’t work when you go to sleep at 1 am. Be realistic, the time my alarm rings is always at least 6 hours after I go to sleep. I can recommend this, in this way you will always get near to enough sleep.

What is the problem here? You want to get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes of, but you can’t do it. We have to implement this into our system: ‘Alarm rings = Out of bed.’ Now it is: ‘Alarm rings = Snooze 5 times.’ After reading this post, and some practise, you will realize that when you want to get up, you need to associate the alarm with getting up. This alarm DOESN’T mean crawling in your blankets again, no, alarm means get out of bed.

To have your brain acknowledge this, you need training. Have you ever heard about the Pavlov dogs? They associate, after training, a bell with food, so when the bell rings they start to produce digestive enzyms. Do the same, dog! Here is a little training to do. Try to do this immediatly after you read this, because you will forget it otherwise. It only takes half an hour.

The Training

  • Pretend you are going to sleep. Brush your teeth, put on your pyjamas, close your curtains and get your teddybear. Get into your bed and pretend you sleep.
  • Set the alarm 2 minutes ahead. Two minutes is enough. Set your alarm, and pretend to sleep for two minutes. Get in your sleeping position and think about sleeping.
  • Alarm rings: Put it off. Put your alarm off! Don’t hit snooze, put it off! This means you HAVE to get out because if you fall asleep again there is no one to wake you up.
  • Take one deep breath and get up. Lay for two more seconds, take a deep breath and get out of your bed. Go sit on your bed and rub your eyes.
  • Open curtains. Open your curtains, get dresserd or do whatever you do when you wake up normally (except hitting snooze!). Do everything until you are out of your room.
  • Repeat this five times. Repeat this, just as you would repeat something when you study. Training means repitition. If you do this again and again, your brain will associate the alarm with getting up. Which means the next time you actually have to wake up and the alarm goes, your brain will be in the getting up mode. Just like the Pavlov dogs associated a bell with food, you will associate the alarm with getting up.
  • Do more of these sets. It took me one set to change the way I wake up, I still snooze sometimes, but it is already much easier for me to get up. Do more of these sets and get up early.

What are we doing here?

This is just one of the great brainhacks, just like powernaps or overcoming procrastination. Your brain is a complex thing, but you can influence it by training. You only have to know this, put it in practise and see results. You are the boss of your own behaviour! Good luck with this training, did it work for you?

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