Dutch TrainAs a college student, I spend way more time travelling with train/bus than when I was in high school. Every weekend I go back to my parents’ house, a trip which takes an hour a half by train. And I just love to write blog posts in the train (I wrote this one in the train) or do a reading assignment. You only need to do it in a good way.

First of all, a lot of people think they can’t do work on school assignments in the train, because it is way too crowded and all. But I know many people who like to work on school in public places, like coffee shops and full libraries. I like those places because it inspires me, but also because I ‘want to look interesting’ or something like it, so I will work on something! The train is pretty much the same!

How to use the public transport correctly

  • Wear headphones. Talking to people is fun, especially to strangers, but if you need work done, you shouldn’t. Wearing headphones works pretty well, it gives another barrier to people to talk to you. They have to tick on your shoulder first, you need to unplug the headphones and then they can finally start to talk. You don’t even have to listen to music, just wear the headphones!
  • Have a goal. When I travel from Zwolle to Groningen (a trip of 50 minutes) I give myself the goal to write at least one rough blog post. Which works out pretty good, because when I’m started, I want to continue, so when I finish one blog post, I don’t have anything else to do, so I will write another one! Have a small goal which you know you can accomplish.
  • Don’t study for tests, but do reading assignments. With all the noise around you, you probably can’t study really good for a test, but you can do reading assignments; it needs less focus.
  • Have a bottle of water ready. In case you fall asleep, take a nip of your water. It works for me, probably works also for you!

So, community transport doesn’t have to be boring, you can make it as boring as you want. I do some serious writing when I am travelling, because it works. What works for you when you have to travel? Let me know in the comment section!



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