How to train your dragonWhen I was flying back from my holiday address I watched the movie ‘How to train your dragon’. A movie about a boy living in a viking town, this town is under attack a lot by dragons. So these Vikings are trained to kill the dragons. But this boy (Hiccup) is different, he is a clumsy, little boy who is nothing like the other Vikings. Until he shoots his first dragon. The deadly and feared Night Fury. The dragon isn’t dead, it is just injured and can’t fly anymore. Hiccup becomes friends with the dragon and helps him with a prothesis, so he can fly again. And eventually Hiccup flies on the dragon, the very first time a Viking did that. I think we can learn, as students, 3 things from the movie How to train your dragon.

3 lessons from How to train your dragon

  1. Improve, test and improve again. The tail of the Night Fury is injured and Hiccup makes a prothesis-tail. The first time wasn’t a success, the second time neither. Hiccup keeps testing his makings and keeps improving it. Exactly what we need to do as college students. We need to keep testing our ways of studying and keep improving it. Does it work or doesn’t it work? If it does, don’t shut your eyes for other ways of studying, if it allows you to improve, it may be worth it! Keep improving and keep testing your improvements.
  2. You don’t have to be big to win. Hiccup is a small and clumsy boy. He isn’t the stereotype hero, but he definitly is the stereotype protagonist. He shows that size doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter where you came from, it is you who decides whether you succeed or not. You don’t need the big brains, you don’t need the big muscles. All you need is the big motivation to do what you want to do.
  3. Look beyond what is realistic. The Vikings have to kill the dragons. That was the normal thing, that was realistic. Hiccup didn’t thought so, what if they could live together with the dragons? What if the Viking-Dragon relation could be a good relationship in stead of a relation which can only cause death. Think out of the box, the solutions you grew up with aren’t always the best solutions. There are always other options, you just need to find them. Don’t restrict your thoughts, whether you are 12 or 62, always keep thinking like a child. The sky is the limit, that kind of thoughts.

However the movie is a movie for kids, I enjoyed it. And because it is a kid-movie, the message is always clear. A recommendation? Definitly.

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