You’ve read the powernap article, and you are enthusiast. You think of when you need it and you have only one conclusion, at college. When you are tired and you just need that short nap to start studying again. But that ain’t possible! Or is it?

I think it is. Some people will laugh as they read this, but I do powernapping at our library. And it works great. Jeaulous? Wanna do it also? Here some tips.

  • Find a quiet spot. We have little cabinets in the library, with a door you can close. You won’t get disturbed in there, so you can take a nap. There are enough quiet places at your school, I am sure. When you don’t know any place, just go to the toilet. You can nap over there, it isn’t comfortable, but it works!
  • Make the nap really short. Research has been showing that you shouldn’t nap longer than 20 minutes, because it will affect your night sleep. So, only sleep for ten minutes, because that is the optimum. Sleep for 10 minutes, wake up, get back and nobody has been missing you!
  • Put your hands in your arms. You don’t need to have a quiet spot for yourself. When you are in the library, with a lot of people around you, you can just lay your head in your arms and sleep for ten minutes. Tell you neighbour to wake you after 15 minutes, he won’t mind. Nobody can tell you are sleeping and you have your powernap!

Powernapping is even at college not that hard. Just do it, find yourself a nice quiet place, have a short nap and enjoy!



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