After writing a post on how to motivate for college I decided to make a serie of posts out of this. This serie is not only to motivate for college, but to motivate for anything! Here is part two.

Success stories

Success stories are one of the biggest motivators for me. When I finished Michael Phelps’ ‘Under the surface’ I wanted to have antother swim training immediately!

The idea behind success stories

Success stories show how people can accomplish things which seems unaccomplishable (and no, that isn’t a word). This means human beings are able to accomplish more than they think they can accomplish. So you can too! You can accomplish more than you think you can. You may think you will never run a marathon, but you can! If Team Hoyt is able to accomplish the IronMan triathlon, you can accomplish at least a marathon!

Some examples.

  • Leo Bebauta’s ‘How I got 100,000 subscribers in two years.’ A free e-book I can definitly recommend to every blogger. This motivated me to not only write a couple of posts, but write tons of posts! And write quality, check all your posts again and make them better. A must-read for bloggers!
  • The autobiography of Muhammad Yunus. The founder of the Grameen Bank, a bank who give microcredit to the poorest in our world. A story from someone who had a plan, which was first laughed at, but he continued. And in 2006, he won the Nobelprize.
  • Team Hoyt. This can’t be NOT motivating to you. Here is a short movie of father and son Hoyt, don’t tell me you feel like you can’t do anything after watching this. If that father can accomplish so much, you can do something too!

You are motivated right. Go do something. Do what you should do and change the world!

(I have one more video, it is the last video from the Westwood College campaign. Since I have been posting the other two, I want to share the last one with you also!)



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