Of course we need to be motivated, but what is even better to do (and really motivating) is motivating others. See other people getting motivated because of your talk is really motivating! I always have the ‘Yeah-I-did-it’-feeling. And I feel excited to go on with what I have to do.

But I have to admit, motivating others is one of the hardest things to do, when you are not that motivated yourself. Anyway, give it a try!

Motivating others in a positive way

When you are a leader, boss or above others in any way, it is hard to motivate in a positive way. The easiest way to motivate is punishment. ‘If you aren’t finished within an hour, you will get paid less’ is something I heard pretty often when I worked in a supermarket. I was motivated, but not in a good way. This motivated me only on the short term, the next time, when the leader didn’t say that, I didn’t work as hard and I hated that leader for saying these words!

How to motivate positive

  • Make clear it is all about reaching the ultimate goal. Tell the others what the goal is and how they and you should reach it. Tell them that everybody is important when it comes to reaching the goal. Everybody needs to give their best to reach not only the goal, but go beyond the goal and get great success!
  • Place bets. ‘I bet you can’t finish that within an hour.’ That whould be way more motivating to me when the leader said that to me in the supermarket. I would immediatly say ‘I can’ and work my ass off!
  • Be kind. ‘If you finish this part of the project, I will give you something more fun to do later on.’ This shows them they only have to work hard now.
  • Be fair. Give everybody the same amount of work. When you see your collegues who don’t have to do that much, how do you feel?
  • Put on the karaoke version of Eye of the Tiger and make your own text. In this text you will put a great motivational speech. People will laugh and will be as motivated as a cheeta to catch a zebra! THE EYE OF THE TIIIIIIGEEEER.

Motivating others is an inevitable aspect of life. Do it good. Don’t be a negative motivator, it won’t bring you anywhere. Make the goal clear, be kind and sing Eye of the Tiger and you will motivate others! Do you agree or do you think Eye of the Tiger is way overrated? Let me know!



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