Say hello to Freshman Stefan! I am in Med School here in the Netherlands and I started this week with the University! Really exciting. I had only three days, but I have bunch of tips already. Let’s name a couple!

  • Start organized. Something I didn’t, but which I wanted to do. I really wanted to start in a really clean room, everything on his place and have a great start. It didn’t work out and my room is still a mess. I don’t know when to clean it and how to clean it and I hate that. First thing to do after this post. Seriously, I live here for three days and it is already such a mess.
  • Get ahead of things. Prepare the lectures, read ahead. I have my first group assignment tomorrow and I will read a little bit about the subject we are going to cover.
  • Go to all the introductions! Learn about where you are going to live, thrive and survive. And the most important reason to go to all the introductions:
  • Make friends. You are in a new place, make some good friends. Everybody is in a new place, so almost everybody will be pretty open and happy to talk to you. Be interested and be interesting. Chitchat, talk about lectures and make new friends. It’s good to have friends around!
  • Have fun. Have fun, you are going to be at college for a while, make the best out of it. Have fun now, join every party, you don’t have tests yet! Make fun now, now it is still possible..

Those five pieces of advice is what I have learned within three days. I believe there are more freshmen here, what is your advice? Share it in the comments!



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