The new Star Trek is there, and it is fresh, attractive and popular! Sounds like something you want to become also right? Especially in the way you study? The year is almost over, and it’s getting boring, do you want another year like it? Of course not. Here is how to update yourself, like Star Trek is updated.

Star Trek’s update

Star Trek got an new director, J.J. Abrams, the director of Lost. And suddenly it’s popular! The enterprise got a new crew and the movie is way more commercial than before.

Get your own update!

  • Get a new crew. Get new gear! Buy a notebook, that laptop all the time isn’t always the biggest productivity center, buy some paper! Reward yourself for another year of studying with some new stuff, replace that old, smelly, chewen pencil, buy a new one! And don’t only change the equipment that you use, but try new study techniques like flashcards, iPod Studying and try to implement a BTD-system.
  • Get more commercial. Stop doing what YOU like and start doing what works! I know you like to procrastinate, and I know you are convinced that it is ‘just the way you study’, but nobody advices these things. Because, it doesn’t work, get commercial, do what works.
  • Get a new director. This is you. Change the way you think this summer, and especially, change the way you think about studying. Is it an obligate thing? Or is it a way to express yourself and a way to make you stand out?

After you updated yourself, look back at the progress. Look at how you think about studying now, and I think that you will find yourself look a lot better than before!

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