The end is near, my fellow students! At least of this academic year. Finals are right in front of us which makes it almost time to close up a little bit, to end the academic year.

Ending the academic year.
What is next? What do you need to do before you go back to your parents’ place?

  • Clean up! Everything around you is probably a mess. You need to clean up, clean your room, but also clean your head. Empty it, write down. Furthermore, leftover to-do lists. Do you need to pay some bills? Do you still need to return a book to the library? Meet with a couple of friends before you leave? Gather all your to-do’s and write them down on a big ‘Before I leave To-Do list’. In that way, you will have a view on what you need to do before you take the plane back home!
  • Go back to your parents. You will live with your parents for a couple of months again. How is that going to be? On one side, they will take care of you. This means good food and clean clothes again! But on the other side, they will keep an eye on you and you will notice. You can’t just stay away from home, you need to inform your parents. Make sure you get in the state of mind again, or you will definitly clash with your makers!
  • Set a goal for the summer. I will explain this one later this week. But for now. Make sure you do something with the big amount of free time you are going to get. Spending 3 weeks on a couch isn’t very nice, not for yourself, not for others. Enjoy your free time, but make it count also!

With this post, I would also like to anounce that I am going to have a new schedule for the summer. Instead of 3 posts, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will post twice a week. Probably on Tuesday and Thursday. Just because there isn’t much to write about in the summer on a college blog! After the summer I will take back my normal schedule of 3 posts a week!

Happy summer everybody.

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