Higher your standardsCertain people seem to do a lot of great things, even exceptional things. And these are always the same people. Is there a reason for this focusses on certain people with certain actions? Why are always the same people doing the cool stuff and the rest mediocre things?

Because they have higher standards. Doing cool things all the time is normal to them, normal as doing normal things is to you. Awesome things are just the cool things you do every once in a while, they are just cool to them, not awesome.

An example. Peter is a finance major, aside from his major, Peter is in an organisation who improves the financial situation of people in third world countries with micro-finance. And on top of all of this, Peter is president in the executive board of an international congress about microfinance with over 700 visitors! So he is doing really cool things and on top of it an AWESOME thing! How is this possible?

The awesome thing Peter is doing isn’t awesome anymore according to him, it is just cool. Improving the financial situation of people in third world countries is just something he does, just normal. His standard is way higher than ours.

And that is the key. You need to higher your standard in order to do awesome things. Doing cool things is one thing, but when you are doing a lot of cool things, your standard will be higher and the cool things you do are just normal and everyday stuff!

It is like you are driving with 35 mph all the time, 70 mph seems very fast. But if 65 mph is your normal speed, 70 doesn’t seems that fast at all!

How to higher your standards

  1. Find some cool things to do. Are you now in a committee? In some sort of organisation? And that is cool? Do something more and make it normal. When you are in three different committees, the one you did isn’t cool any more, because it is just an average thing to do, just another committee.
  2. Shift your mindset. You will notice that your mindset is shifting, cool isn’t cool like two years ago. You are doing things right now which were cool back then, but normal nowadays.
  3. Find new cool things! A committee is just normal now, what about a daily/executive board? That is cool, right?

Shall I answer the last question for you? An executive board, that is cool right? No it isn’t. It is f***ing AWESOME. You only shifted your mindset in such a way that doing something awesome is just cool now.

I find this idea hard to write down, I hope you understand the general idea I try to transfer to you. In order to do awesome things, cool should be your new standard. Higher your standards to higher the results of your everyday activities.



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