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When you are helping, what do you do? Do you give the very, very best you can give? Are you doing everything to help the girl or guy you are going to help? Are you giving that little extra that they wouldn’t expect, but are really satisfied that they got it? Are you giving them a reason to give you a 10 instead of an 8? Are you worth that very 10?

In my post ‘Fight just one more round‘ I already discussed how training one more round can make the difference between good and excellent. I want to continu that path now, but not with training, but with helping people.

For example: The International Student Congress of Medical Sciences

I was in the organisation of the ISCOMS 2010 and had the chance to help a lot of people from all over the world. The ISCOMS is a student congress where biomedical students from all over the world can present their research and interact with other students from other universities and even other countries. And they all came to the beautiful time of Groningen, where I live.

These students needed the way to go somewhere and they couldn’t find the way. I went together with them to that place, guided them all the way. I could tell them the way (It is over there, good luck) but I chose to walk all the way with them and give them that little extra. That was really helpful for them and for me two! I learned more about their culture, more about their personalities. And after the congress I got a lot of positive feedback.

Another example. When we were in Volendam, a typical Dutch village where you can make pictures in Dutch outfits and eat our local specialties, I invited a guy from India to eat hering with me. And guess what, he did it, we ate hering together and it was great. Giving him a typical Dutch experience was great, for me and for him!

Giving the extra which makes the experience from good to awesome

That was giving them a little bit extra, to change their ‘good’ experience to an ‘awesome’ experience. And that is what you needed to ask yourself. Do you want to give the one you are helping the very best? Not fighting one more round, but helping one more round! Helping them all the way to where they need to go. Not solving their problem of course, but helping them really good.

Helping one another is nice, giving them your very best is awesome, both for you, as well as for the other one! Good luck.

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