Have a nice Christmas!Christmas break! Two free weeks. Sleep sleep sleep right? No. You should do something useful with your extra time. You deserve fun, but during the normal school weeks you have plenty ideas to do in the Christmas break, execute them! Do them now! Don’t forget about the cool ideas you had, do them instead. I wrote a post about this in the summer and I will just write it again for the Christmas holiday!

How to use your Christmas break useful:

  • Start a BIG-project. Two weeks is too short for a real BIG-project, but you can make a start, or just have a little BIG-project. You don’t have to start a blog, you can also just write a short e-book instead and see if you can publish it at someone else’s blog!
  • Wake up early. Today was for me the only day that I stayed in bed until 12am without a reason. Sleep all day is just useless, how nice it seems, you will regret it at the end of your holiday. (‘What did I do this holiday?’)
  • Do something useful. When you are not about BIG-projects, study ahead a little. Work on other school projects or find a job to earn some money. Spend time with your family, don’t sleep and play games whole day, do something with your break, it will give meaning.

  • If you still have no idea what to do these weeks, I will be posting an article shortly with tips on what to do in the Christmas break! What are you going to do? Share it with me and the other readers in the comment section!



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