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How are you transporting yourself this summer to your parents’ place? Or to your holiday-destination? Probably by plane right? And you can carry a lot with you on a trip, but there is always luggage which you want to keep with you in the cabin – your hand luggage. Now, the question always rises for me: ‘What do I take in my hand luggage?’ Even if it is a trip for only 2 hours or so, I am still wondering. Your suitcase can be disappeared after you land, because of a mistake of the airport and you don’t want to be without any stuff for two weeks! Discussed the problem, thought about it and here is the list.

14 things you need to take with you as your hand luggage

  1. Chewing gum. Popping ears? Some chewing gum might help. Chew on it and the trip will be more pleasant.
  2. Pen and paper. Just in case you have an idea, or you need to write something down. I always carry a pen on my keychain and made my own notebook of tape (more on that later).
  3. Something to read. They will play movies during the trip, but something to read is always nice. When you are waiting for the gate to open, or waiting until the plane is going to start, have something to read on you!
  4. An extra pair of clothes. Now, this is something I didn’t do. Until a friend of mine got the problem I described above. His luggage was lost and he didn’t had any clothes for 3-4 days. Pretty bad!
  5. Your passport. Obvious.
  6. Condoms. Obvious?
  7. A camera. Whether it is a Flip or just a simple camera, it is always nice to shoot some pictures along the way!
  8. Jacket/Vest. When you are in the air the temperature on the outside of the plane can be low as -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit). Ok, it isn’t that cold in the cabin, but you will feel a drop of temperature and it is nice to bring something which can warm you up!
  9. Chargers. Even if your phone is fully charged, if your suitcase is lost, you will also lose your chargers. That is why you should bring it with you in the cabin!
  10. Ear plugs. When you are sitting right next to a motor, you won’t get into sleep without the plugs. Trust me.
  11. Ear plugs for music! You can buy them on board, but it is cheaper to bring your own, right?
  12. For the girls. Bring your little mirror with you, maybe a little make-up. Because you always want to look good!
  13. Toiletries. It is a nice feeling to brush your teeth on a long trip, or to spray some deodorant underneath your armpits. Just a fresh feeling!
  14. Sunglasses. To make the pictures I told you about at point 7 a little bit more awesome.

That is what you need to bring to be ultimate prepared! Any subject I forgot? Share them in the comments, your fellow readers will love you for it!

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