Here is a little story. As you may know, I am in medical school. In the Netherlands you can do this right after high school, if you have the grades for it. If you don’t have the right grade, you are put in a draw and you just have to be lucky to get into medical school.

As I already know I wanted to do medical school since I was in the third (of six) year of high school, I said: I am going for an average of an 8 (out of 10, something like a 4.0 GPA). I just stated it, I was going to do it, don’t try to stop me.

Then I was in the fifth year and I counted what my average grade would be: a 6,9. That is not nearly high enough as I wanted. That grade would most likely mean that I wouldn’t go to medical school at all.

That moment was the moment when I started studying. Working really hard, finding ways to get a higher grade. It worked out. I had an 8,2 average. I was in medical school.

Now, after the first year, being in the second year, I haven’t regret the hard work for a moment. And that moment I counted my grade I cherish. I know exactly where it was, in Math class, in the left front. I don’t know the exact date, but it would be something around March. That very moment was one of the most important moments in my life. No big happenings, no big life changing activities. Just a realization. A moment where I changed. Where I decided that it would take work to get what you want. I want to call that very moment a ‘golden moment’.

The Golden Moment

Is it something transcending? Is it a sign? What is happening at that very moment? What is happening at such a moment. It is like two things come together. You have a statement, something you always say (I want to go to medical school) and you have the absolutely will to do whatever it takes to do something like it (motivation to study my ass off). It is like a really clear moment, you see something before you what could be. Something which is really plausible to happen.

And here is the thing. Everybody has these moments. Some are big, like deciding to move to another country or quitting your job. Some are small, like deciding to start a blog, drop a class. But those moments matter. These Golden Moments are the moments that define us, define what will become of us.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

First of all, these moments give a really clear view of the future. Or at least, what you should do. You can see clearly, like you are waking up on a morning after a week of rain and the sky is plain blue. You want to go out, enjoy it, big time.

The same happens with the Golden Moment. As you can see your future really clear, you want to take action! Do something. Work on your studying skills right away. Study, get good grades, whatever. You want to take action. You want to enjoy the sun. You want to make optimally use of the blue, clear sky.

Is it arousable?

Can you just trigger a Golden Moment? Probably not. But you can trigger Silver Moments at least. If you are living in a lot of clutter, a lot happening around you and you don’t have a good overview anymore, you can enforce a clear moment.

  1. Clear your mind. First of all, clear your mind. Write everything down that is keeping you busy. Write all your wanders on a sheet. Make sure all the things that are keeping you busy and the things that you are busy with are on that paper. Clear your mind, get everything out there.
  2. Prioritize! Prioritize all the things that were in your head. What is the most important? What demands (and deserves) most of your attention. Make sure you know what is important.
  3. Rest. After everything is out there, get out there yourself. Have a walk. Let your mind wander of. Have a little powernap, make sure that you are relaxing a little. Play a game, watch some How I Met Your Mother. Meet friends, have fun. Relax.
  4. Experience. I don’t say the moment is coming to you right now, but it could happen. When you are completely not thinking about everything you are facing, you may have a clear moment. A moment of understanding. A Golden Moment.

Everyday I cherish the moment the 17-year old me calculated what my average grade was. I remember: ‘Dude, what the? I definitly wouldn’t be in Medical School right now.’ Now, I am three years further, three year wiser and after three year, I want to say that that Golden Moment, was definitly a Golden Moment.

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