A lot of times I think I’m on the right way. I think I’m doing a great thing and just continue what I’m doing. Untill someone suddenly says: ‘Stefan, what the heck are you doing? That’s completely WRONG.’ Hmm, couldn’t I get that feedback earlier?

Hell yeah, feedback is really important in whatever you are doing. Wether you are writing a book and keep saying teh instead of the, or you are playing pinball and sit wrong so you back will hurt. You would not notice!
Feedback makes you improve yourself. There are some critical points that you may be missing, and maybe someone else does see it.
Sometimes, you think you are completely on the good road to succeed in what you’re doing. But actually, you aren’t. And some will criticize you, give tips, but never say you are on the wrong way. What they do is just giving you a little push towards the good road, and those bumps are so small you don’t even notice.

What should they do?
They should give you some real feedback. Make you stop, and tell you what they think. So you can stop, turn into the good way, and get back on the road again. So much better than those pushes you don’t notice.
This can really be a smack in your face, but accept it. You are stuck in your own view, but your surroundings have different views, accept those different opinions and use them. Use them to improve yourself, use them to get back on the road to success!
What should you do?
Ask every week, month in what you can improve. Ask your classmate, teacher or mother what you are doing completely wrong, and make them stop you. Feedback is, as I said, most of the times a smack in the face, and people wouldn’t like to give that smack. Ask them, give them your cheeck, and they only have to smack!
My next post will be about giving feedback, how to give it, and still be nice 😉
I’m running this blog now for a couple of months, I don’t have many readers yet, but the readers I have, can you give me some feedback? Can you give me a smack in the face, please?



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