Not sure what to do with your life? Still worrying about which major you should do? Finding your passion is something which could keep you busy for years. There are million of books written about ‘finding your passion’. But if you want to learn your passion, you only need to ask yourself one question, hundreds of times and look at the results. The result you feel the most exciting about, the most comfortable with and the one you are the most enthusiastic about is the result of your passion. It only comes down to one question:

If you could do [insert random skill], what would you do?

  • If you could breath under water, where would you go?
  • If you could fly, where would you fly to?
  • If you could dance, what would you dance, with who and where?
  • If you could play the guitar, what would you play?
  • If you could draw, on which painting will your signature be?
  • If you could write, where would you write about?
  • If you could help people, who would you help?

All this questions are basically asking you, what do you want to accomplish? You can insert any random thing and the result of it. This asks from you thinking in results, not in developing the skill itself. Some people say the journey is the most important, and it is. But when you know what your destination is, when you know what you are able to do when you accomplish your journey, your journey will be fun!

Back to how to find your passion, let’s take two of the example questions: ‘If you could play the guitar, what would you play?’ and ‘If you could draw, what would you draw?’. The answer will be for me on question number one: ‘Sweet child o’ mine – Guns ‘n Roses’ and on number two: ‘A Caribbean reef’

So now I just have to look at the result. What do I want to accomplish? Do I want to make a beautiful painting or do I want to play Sweet Child o’ Mine? I will choose to play the song on the guitar. That is something I really want to accomplish. So when I have to choose, I will pick up the guitar and learn to play.

If you want to find your passion now, make up a lot of these questions. Look at what you are doing right now in your life, that could be a good example (‘If I could speak French, who would I speak to’ or ‘If I could powernap, what would I do with my increased productivity?’) and make a lot of questions. Now answer them all. Make a big list of questions and results, and look at them. Give them numbers of how important you find the results. What do you want to accomplish? Which skill do you need to learn to get that result? That might be your new passion.

Do it now, don’t waste anymore time. If you don’t do it right now, you might forget this right away (unless you bookmark it). Make yourself a good pot of tea, put on a little bit of nice music, step back from your computer. Grab a piece of paper, write down questions, a lot of them. Answer them all, give them numbers of how important you find each of these results. And find your passion. Good luck.



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