What makes the guy with the A+ the best one in the class? His perfectly planned study schedule? He is just really smart? Or does he have a trick? If you want to become really good at something, or want to become successful at a certain point, you just need to fight one more round, every time. Over and over again. When you want to become the best boxer in the world, make sure you always fight one more round than the others. When they quit the training, you go on, fight one more round.

Fighting one more round doesn’t seem that effective. I mean, you do a lot of work during the training and one more round will make the difference? Not right now, but if you keep fighting one more round every training, you will find a difference. Because all these rounds pile up, you get ahead of the game because you have done a lot more at the end of the day!

Two examples
In studying, you also need to find just one more round, everytime. Let’s say you have a math test coming up, there are 200 problems you can solve to practise. Normally, you will make around 100, just like the rest of your peers. But you need to fight just one more round, so make 110. Just work another half an hour to become better than the rest.

In blogging, there is also a way to fight one more round. If you have a writing schedule of 3 writings per week, that seems like a lot. So you write them on monday evening. Normally you would quit now, you are finished because you have the three posts right? No. Fight one more round, write one more post and publish it as a guest post. Doing this every week will get you ahead of the game. One more round, one more post.

Why is this hard
Fighting one more round is really hard to do on the long term, because you are already exhausted. You’ve made 100 math problems already and now you need to make another ten? Will that be productive/effective? Yes it will. Keep in mind that every round you fight more than the rest of your classmates, it is a round won. Every post written more than you would write normally, is a post more.

Fight just one more round, come on!

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