Fata MorganaLast week in the train I saw something beautiful. There was a reflection of the sun in the clouds, but it was so beautiful that it looked like some sort of ‘sign’. I don’t believe in these kind of things at all, but still, things with a beauty like that can really have an impact on someone’s life.

I was feeling sleepy in the train, tired of a couple of days of hard work. It was a moment I was feeling a little bit down (something which doesn’t happen to me a lot) and suddenly there was that reflection. A sign? I just should go on, stop complaining?

My first instinct really was: How is that light possible? Not thinking of some sort of sign, not thinking about anything spiritual. Well, that was just a reflection caused by some drops of water high in the sky in the form of a cloud. But my second thought was: ‘That really was beautiful’. And then it occured to me, that those little, but awesome signs, really change our lifes. When you are feeling down, what is bringing you in the flow again? What makes you go on anyway? Is it your teacher who yells at you? Or is it the boyscout helping an old lady to cross the street?

Again, I am not religious, but I could interpretate this in a ‘spiritual’ way. I didn’t at first, but on the second hand did the light inspire me. I grabbed my laptop (while I was looking out of the window) and I started to work on something I should had been doing the whole trip. I finished it faster than I would normally finish it and there was spare time for me to write this little post. The light didn’t only inspire me to start going again, but also it inspired me to write this very post.

Signs are everywhere, you just have to interpretate them right. Whether you are religious or not, everything can be a sign, everything can be a trigger for your motivation. To make beauty happen for others in your life and that beauty will come back to you as a boomerang. The only difference is is that this boomerang (the beauty) will land at that person for a little while.

Please, take a look outside for me and tell me what signs you see, right now.



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