Have you ever experienced beauty?
Did you wake up, at the crack of dawn,
With a song on your lips?
Have you ever felt the warm
Glow of the sun on your finger-tips?
Did you run like crazy
Through the woods
Searching for a single daisy?
Have you ever experienced the enchantment
That comes from a re-enactment
Of your life lived a long time ago?
If so, well, you were much younger then
And had to plough through snow
To reach your class, and, later,
Pray together with your friends during mass.
When was the last time
You played with a child?
Did you tell her how unique
And special she was
And offer her chocolates and flowers?
Oh, how the hours seemed to fly
With a sweet child nearby!
When was the last time
You tried something new?
Did a perfect stranger
Ever take you home
To try his mom’s stew?
Have you ever sat
Beside a frozen lake?
Did you suddenly
Look up at the sky
To find fire-flies dancing,
Lighting up the night
And make it look shiny and bright?
When was the last time
You walked a different road,
Bumped into an old friend
And unburdened a heavy load?
Your dear friend was worthy
Of the exit you took
By the streaming brook–
You left old habits behind
And were rewarded in kind.
When was the last time
You tried a different dish?
Ate fish instead of beans
And wolfed down your greens
Invited different friends at the table
And enabled unconventional ideas
To be discussed at length
Yes, experiencing beauty is heaven-sent.

(Archan Mehta is a freelance writer and can be contacted at archanm@hotmail.com)



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