Eat goodThe importance of eating good

As I have discussed in my previous post about sleeping well is physical fitness important when it comes to studying. Sleep is one of the components to physical fitness, but eating good is another one. Eating good means eating enough fruit and vegetables, and getting all the nutricients you need.

When you don’t eat good, you will feel worse. Maybe you should try it, just as an experiment, don’t eat vegetables and fruit for a week. Limit your diet to french fries, pizza and food from the KFC. You will feel bad after that week, you will feel like you have no energy, your skin won’t look good and your focus is gone!

But I don’t have the time to cook well and eat good

Bullshit. You know it is bullshit. Cooking a normal meal doesn’t take much longer than half an hour. Don’t you have that time? And you do have the time to drive to the McDonalds and get yourself a BigMac menu? That is rubbish of course. But if you really think you don’t have the time, make bigger portions when you cook. Cook for five, instead of one, and make little Tupperware cans with food and put it in the freezer, so you can put it in the microwave later. You still have good food and it doesn’t require cooking that day!

How to eat good

  • Eat at least one piece of fruit a day. Everybody advocates two or three pieces of fruit a day, but that might be too hard to start with. Make sure you eat at least one. Just one. Grab an apple when you leave the house, and eat it while you are walking to college. Buy a few bananas and have them when you like. Or what I like, are red berries, just buy a bowl full of them and put them besides your computer. Eat them while you are reading this blog, that will help!
  • Cook ahead. As I have just explained, cook bigger meals. Have 5 freezed in meals in your freezer, so you can always choose. This means you get the healthy food that day, instead of the hamburger from McDonalds.
  • Enjoy eating healthy. Fish doesn’t taste bad. Eat more fish and enjoy the taste. Fruit doesn’t taste bad, pick fruit you like and enjoy the taste. And even vegetables doesn’t have to taste bad, make a big caesar salade for yourself and enjoy the taste!

Eating good is important for your focus and physical fitness. After a week of unhealthy food you will feel miserable. Cooking doesn’t have to take much time, when you cook smart, you are cooking half an hour for five meals. Eat healthy and enjoy the taste of good food. Don’t you agree? Is the taste of McDonalds just too good? Let me know in the comment section!



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