As mentioned in the latest post I started with a new project to earn a residual income. This project is writing articles for a website which shows 75% of the time my Google Adsense ads.

I write for InfoBarrel, a revenue sharing website. The idea is really simple. There are two big ads on the website and 75% of the time they show ads with the ID of the writer of the specific article. Now, the writer only needs to write articles and he will have his ads on the internet!

Really? That is all? Yup. That is really all!

Passive Income: the Intriging Aspects for Students

I got interested in this website after listening to tons of podcasts from Pat Flynn from He talks a lot about how to create passive income streams to get a steady income without doing anything. Passive income is all about working hard now and chillaxing later while getting your income automatic!

As probably everybody I am interested in automatic income without doing anything. The main problem with passive income though is it takes a really long time to create. I am not going to lie to you, if you start now with creating passive income streams, you are not very likely to have a good stream of income in the upcoming year. And that is the main problem for students: we don’t need money later, we need money now. As a med student I am pretty certain of a good salary later for instance. But there is still a big reason to work on passive income anyway:

A free income stream. Not only for the near future, but for forever.

The thing with passive income is you don’t need to put any money in it right now, you can start writing articles for free right now and create some income. With that money you could start some niche sites and earn even more money.

My personal goal is earning around 100$-200$ by September 2012, most of all because I will start with residencies by then. I will be in the clinic for 3 years, without payment. Besides that the Dutch government took some measurements which make the life of students way more expensive in the upcoming years. Because I won’t have any time anymore to work side jobs, I find the idea of a passive income stream interesting!

Passive Income Stream: InfoBarrel

I started to write for InfoBarrel, a revenue sharing site. As said above, you write articles and your ads will be shown to your audience. This will result in clicks which result again in money!

Why InfoBarrel is interesting for students:

  • Students have tons of knowledge. On InfoBarrel you write articles about every subject you want to write about. We have the advantage of continuously learning new information as students. You can put this information straight into an article and you will have an extra article to make money from! For instance, if you have a class and you make really good notes, it can be pretty easy to write an article from your actual notes. As we are learning everyday something new, we can share this new information and make money from it.
  • It’s free to use. You don’t need a starting capital to register a domain name, no need to buy hosting, you can just start writing and start earning!
  • It has a great revenue sharing model (especially if you have time). No we don’t have a lot of money as students, but most of us have free time. The good thing with InfoBarrel is that it is great if you have time. The revenue sharing model is you get 75% of the income. But if you write more articles, or write on certain topics, you can earn up to 90%! When your goals are only long term, this won’t really work for you, as you have to keep writing, but if you want to earn a buck now as well, this is better, because you have a higher chance for clicks, thus income!
  • InfoBarrel has a great community. I knew something about internet marketing. I did knew a couple of things about SEO as well. But I learnt a lot in a small time frame, thanks to the community. InfoBarrel has a forum where even the top writers are sharing their secrets. The thing I love the most about the forums is how motivating they are.

Writing for InfoBarrel: What is the Next Action?

Hopefully you got enthusiast about the idea to write for InfoBarrel. But what is the next action? What do you need to do right now? Let me give some advice:

  1. Sign up for InfoBarrel right now. Get an account and see what is what. Introduce yourself in the forums and enjoy the reactions.
  2. Browse the forums and find some nuggets concerning keyword research and how to write for InfoBarrel. My biggest mistake with InfoBarrel is I just started to write. I had no clue about what keywords would make money and which not. I actually wrote an article about a button on Facebook and things about Barney Stinson. But if you want to write successfully for InfoBarrel you need to write articles which could make money. Things about finance for instance do good on Google Adsense, so will do pretty well on InfoBarrel as well probably! But this is a high competitive niche, so it will be hard to have a successful article. This all comes down to keyword research. I will later devote a complete article on keyword research here for you guys. A good forum post to start with is the ‘Consolidated, Ongoing, InfoBarrel 1-tip Thread‘!
  3. Write articles and learn while doing! Just try something, just write and see what works or not. When you are writing more you will find what type of articles work for you and what not.
  4. Don’t stop because you ‘are not earning anything. At InfoBarrel your success won’t come overnight, well, it won’t even come within two months. The articles need time to mature and you need to write more to make more money. Give it time and have a steady pace with your writing, but make sure you don’t give up!
  5. Share your success here! I would love to hear from people who give it a try! I would love to help you as well with your InfoBarrel career. With over 60 articles I learned a few things. I did actually made money with it as well already, around 15$ now! Although it is not a lot, I am already really, really happy with it! :)

Hopefully you got interested to write for InfoBarrel. It wouldn’t harm if you just tried it out.

Please note: I used a referral link in this article. If you sign up for InfoBarrel, 2% of the time my ads will be shown on your article, which is taken off of InfoBarrel’s cut. Not yours. Besides this I can see how many people sign up. So if you sign up, I can directly friend you and therefore help you! 😀



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