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Did you just head off to college as a freshman this semester and settle into your dorm room for the first time? Or maybe you and a few friends landed your first apartment while away at school. Either way, finding the right set of appliances is vital when it comes to small dorm rooms and small apartments and in this day and age students, among many, are looking for ways to go green, be eco-friendly and energy efficient.

What appliances are you in need of this school year as you settle into your space? Are you in need of a portable heater to keep your space warm and cozy for the upcoming winter months, is it a mini or micro fridge to store of all your drinks and snacks in, or maybe an energy efficient microwave? Whatever large or small appliance it may be, make sure you select a unit that is energy efficient and dorm and small apartment safe.

We at were thrilled to be able to provide this guest post for Stefan’s blog for him to share with all of his loyal readers. We fully understand the safety of any appliance and aside from our selection of dorm safe mini fridges and freezers, microwave units and portable space heaters, we wanted to share with his readers tips on what to look for when it comes to picking out safe, effective and energy efficient appliance.

  1. Select Proper Size Unit: Be sure to measure the space you’d like to place the appliance so that it will be fit properly. Will the door open fully? Is there enough room for ventilation?
  2. Review Estimated Energy Use: Don’t skimp on price. Many times the more energy efficient and dorm safe appliances will have a higher price than a non-name brand appliance that may not be energy efficient.
  3. Inquire About Special Offers: Check for special student discounts or tax rebates when purchasing energy efficient appliance. Many energy efficient appliances offer special incentive programs, loan discount or rebates eligibility.
  4. Read The Label: While shopping, compare and contrast similar model appliances. Labels attached to many appliances list estimate annual energy consumptions and expected output – this will help you find the most energy efficient appliance.
  5. Energy Star logo: Look for the Energy Star logo. Many of the more energy-efficient appliances will attached this logo to the appliance.

If you are looking to equip any college space with the right energy efficient appliance, turn to the team at and our selection of dorm safe appliances and energy rated appliances along with their selection of resources that lend buying guides, product details and other energy saving resources!

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