College questionsSince the start of, you have the ability to ask questions in the comments. But the questions I get are mostly questions about the topic I just wrote. Another option is writing an email, or contacting me on Twitter. This can become too personal maybe. These reasons are probably why I don’t get a lot of questions. And these reasons are probably why Chris and Kelly from HackCollege started DiscussCampus.

DiscussCampus is a site where you can post your college related questions. Anything. From coming out in your social circle to how you use Evernote for note-taking. You can give questions and answers +1’s if you like them, so they will rank higher on the ‘questions page’.

With answering questions, you can get points if people like your answer. This is the same with asking questions. You can also earn badges for certain acts (like having the first answer, a questions with 1k views etc).

I really like this service, basicly because I can answer people their questions over there. One of the reasons I started this blog is to help other people succeeding in their mission to survive college life and eventually becoming successful in college life. Having this mission, DiscussCampus is a great tool for me.

The other thing is that I can find topics over there to write about here. DiscussCampus makes a great resource.

So, head over to DiscussCampus, ask a couple of questions, answer a couple of them. When you reach 1000 reputation points, you will get a cool laptop cover, so start participating.

I don’t get paid in any form for this review, I am just honestly excited about this service!

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