I walked by 4 kids who were sitting on the ground while it was raining, stupid? No, I don’t think so. I am 19 right now and when I look at those kids I think something like: ‘How could these kids be so stupid?’ But when I was thinking more about it, I don’t think these kids are really that stupid, they may be even pretty smart. Why? Read along. (Spoiler: You might find yourself sitting in a puddle after reading this post)

Dancing in the rain

Those kids are cute!

Kids are so stupid sometimes and a lot of time that is the reason they are loved that much. If you see 4 little boys playing in a puddle, you will first think they are cute before you think they are stupid. But if you see 4 guys around my age sitting in a puddle, you will just think they are stupid, right? Why is that? Because the guys of my age should have the life experience to not be that stupid anymore!

And luckily, they are. That is why you don’t see that many guys playing in puddles. That is why you aren’t playing in a pool of water right now. Or are you? Or should you?

Why you should be a little kid again

I believe that we are all those little kids, or at least we should be. How often do you make a mistake? And how often do you learn that much from it you will never do it again? Often enough, or not?

Just imagine, those kids are going to sit in the car later that day, with wet pants. Mum will be angry (punishment #1), their are sitting on wet pants (punishment #2) and they will get a cold (punishment #3). How awesome is that? Those kids did something stupid and they get punished three times for it! Is there any way they won’t be learning from this incident? No! There is no way, they definitly will never sit in a puddle again, because that will result in 3 punishements. The perfect way of learning something.

Back to our age. We’ve grown, we are adults now (most of us I suppose) and we don’t make those stupid mistakes anymore. This means that we don’t fail that hard anymore. Which results in we not taking lessons like that anymore! And that is a pitty. How come we have to do things several times wrong before we finally start to realize that it is the wrong way? Because we are grown-ups now and we know that making a mistake can result in terrible punishments? Probably.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

Realize that the punishment is the short term reaction, learning something is the long term. Realize this: If you are failing big time the punishment will be very temporary, but the lesson will be permanent. How awesome is that?

Act like a kid and fail, big time!

And be really proud of it, that should be cool. Not only are you really cool then, you are also learned something, have a new life experience. If we fail now, we will get punished, but we will have learned something forever. Go my fellow learners and sit in a puddle.

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