In one way or the other, the same people are getting things done, are invited to certain events. Is it just because they are in somebody’s network? Or do they create those opportunities for themselves? Or to say it in another way: Are some people just lucky? Or do they create that luck for their own in some sort of way?

So take a look at somebody who is always lucky in your environment. Everybody has that type of person in their social group. Got that person in your head? Alright, is he just being lucky or does he creat that luck for himself?

I consider myself as a lucky person, in one way or the other some cool things are approaching me a lot of times. Did I create these opportunities or did luck bring them to me? To be fair, a lot of opportunities came to me without doing anything. Suddenly I got an email, or somebody offered me something. But I don’t think those things came out of nowhere. People aren’t just radomly emailing other people to give a presentation at a congress, they need to know you first or have heard about you from others. And I think that is the key. To get opportunities, you have to take the first step! You have to be the person who takes initiative and your effort will reward you in the end.

  • How can somebody offer you a dance course when she doesn’t know you are enthusiast about dancing?
  • How can somebody email you to write the preface in a book, when he doesn’t know you know how to write?
  • How can somebody contact you, when he doesn’t know you?

If you want to get things done, get opportunities others aren’t getting, you have to take the first step. Talk to people, tell them your story. Help others and make sure they know who you are. Interact. When you are in a club, do you stay at the bar, in a safe place? Sitting on a stool, so you don’t have to worry about others looking at you? If you want to get somewhere, get out on the dancefloor, interact. Meet new people, make sure that others get to know you.

I don’t advocate giving your businesscard to anybody you see, but if you have the chance to meet knew people, embrace it!

Interact, help others, they will eventually help you. Opportunities are made out of luck for a big part, but you have to take the first step. Have fun.

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