Sleep wellThe importance of sleeping well

A good night of sleep is one of the most important factors of excellerate in college. If you have a good night of sleep, you are able to focus better, you are more creative and the work you deliver is more how you want it to be. Not only for mental health is sleeping well important, also for your physical fitness. If you don’t sleep well, you will be yawning all day in class and maybe you even fall asleep.
Some myths about sleeping
  • If I don’t sleep good enough I will just have a little nap tomorrow. This doesn’t work; in your sleep, there are different stages of sleep, with a nap you just have the first stage, in which you don’t do the same as the later stages. Besides, do you want to think about your nap all day, while you should be focussing on study material? (However, I am a big patron of powernapping, but not as a substitute for sleep)
  • I’ll just grab a grande starbucks coffee. Wrong again. Coffee makes you feel more awake, but doesn’t make you more awake. It only makes the symptoms disappear. So yes, you can’t close your eyes for more than two seconds, but your brain isn’t any better. And the aftermath of a cup of coffee is disastrous. When the caffein is worked out, you will feel even more tired than before.
  • Sleep is a time waster, I can sleep when I’m dead. That was what I used to say, until I started sleeping more. My creativity boosted, as my focus and my learning skills. One of the main reasons I passed my high school finals so good, is that I slept well. Of course you can sleep when you are dead, but the advantages you get from sleeping when you are alive are really worth those two hours a day.
How to sleep well
  • Turn off. Turn off your computer and television. These two makes your sleep restless. When you fall asleep with your telivision on it will be on the rest of the night, which doesn’t make your sleep any better. Shut everything off, like you are focussing for studying.
  • Close your curtains. This is something I don’t like, I like to wake up with full light, but when you close your curtains, you sleep longer in the morning. You aren’t bothered by all the light your brains associates with being awake. And waking up is more easy with opening the curtains when you wake up.
  • Read before you go to sleep. This is one of the best things I have learned this year. I always read before sleeping, until I got a TV on my room. But with reading you can in some sort of way ‘end your day.’ Without the distractions of all the electronic devices, you can just end your day. So read until you fall asleep, reading is fun and is also pretty usefull, so it isn’t a bad thing when you miss sleep because of reading, it is better than when you miss sleep because you are watching TV!
Sleeping is important when it comes to creativity, focus and physical fitness. Don’t believe the myths people are telling you, get some good night of sleep every night! Are you more of a night owl? Don’t you agree with me on certain points? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!



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