In your academic carreer, you need a few habits which will help you on your road to success. In this serie of posts I tell you about habits you should have in your student life.

The importance of focus.
When you focus you are ready to rock whatever you need to do. When you are really focussed, and you work on a paper, you finish lots of pages within an hour, because you are ONLY doing what you should do. Your brain is only busy with ONE thing, that paper. Whatever you need to do, try to do it with focus, it will speed up the work, which means more free time. Not only more free time, but when you focus, the work you deliver is also better!
Focus isn’t possible when you allow distractions in your working area. Shut everything off. Your computer, your mobile phone, your tv and radio. Make sure you don’t have any distractions. When I was studying for my high school finals, there was a big difference, for me at least, when I shut the door. Just one distraction, my family downstairs, was making a great difference. When I didn’t shut the door, I heard what they were saying, I heard when they were asking questions to each other, I heard a lot. But when I closed the door, I didn’t hear anything, and I was able to focus on the study material. That difference, a door closed or not, can mean immediatly a lot to your focus. Try to remove every distraction.
Focus on just one thing
This is one of the hardest parts with focussing. Getting rid of all the distractions is not that hard, but when it comes to focussing on just one thing it gets really tough. What I mean with focussing on one thing is really focussing on one thing. When you are writing a paper, don’t think about how to spell a word, just mark the word you are not sure of by writing immediatly something behind it, like: ‘Newton was the founder of gravitation [SPELLINGCORRECT] and he discovered it by having an apple on his head.’ Whether or not gravitation is spelled correct or not, you need to keep on going with your writing, because you are writing now, you aren’t correcting your writings. That is a task you can do later. This is for me a really hard thing (e.g. I am Dutch, so I make mistakes in the English language, and sometimes I can’t come up with words, I want to look them up in the dictionary, but I shouldn’t, I should keep on going with writing and write the Dutch word instead of the English one).
Focus isn’t easy, but essential
Focus is an essential study habit, it can make or break your work. Get rid of distractions and focus on just one thing. Do you agree with me, or are you someone who is great in multi-tasking? Let me know!



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