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I really like to give presentations, because I can transfer a message, say what I want to say and especially because I can connect with an audience, feel the adrenalin in their veins and feel their enthusiasm about my subject!

And I want to talk about the last reason. Feeling their enthusiasm. This requires something from your side. The audience needs to be able to resemble with you, to connect with you, understand you, feel you. You need to be compelling with your audience. They have to feel with you and they need to be sucked in your enthusiasm and they need to be taken on a trip to the wonderful information you are giving them.

Get in people their mind when you are talking in front of an audience
These tips require more than 5 people, there is a certain group vibe you need to trigger, so it won’t work with less than 5 persons in the room.

  • Naked chicks. Joey (from Friends) gives Ross two tips for his first lecture at the University. Either ‘start with a joke’ and ‘naked chicks’. With naked chicks I don’t mean actual naked chicks in your presentation, cause that will be probably evoking reactions you don’t want to get. But I mean something your audience wouldn’t expect. A funny picture, a beautiful picture. This doesn’t only takes place in the powerpoint, but also in your story. Tell them a great story, which may not be related to the subject at all. Make great examples. Be remarkable. Your story needs the naked chicks, they need a reason why people are listening to your very story. These naked chicks are the reason people came to your lecture and also the reason why they talk about your lecture.
  • Start with a joke. The other tip Joey gave to Ross. If you want to capture your audience right away, start with a joke. Make them laugh. Or start with introducing yourself in another way than they are used to. Sit on a table. ‘Look nonchalant’ or something like it. Don’t be the guy in front of the desk ‘Hi, I am Peter and I am going to talk about Microfinance.’ These kind of introductions doesn’t work. Maybe a funny picture? Don’t say anything at all, just show them the picture and start talking. Break the ice. I like to tell a little anekdote and introducing myself afterwards. In this way, people are actually interested in who you are and what you are going to tell!
  • Keep it flexible. Don’t say ahead of your presentation ‘I will answer question at the end of my presentation’. Don’t give us that crap. If somebody raises his hand, answer the question. In that way you show your flexibility and people will be pleased if you answer their questions!

Make listening to presentations interesting again. Put a couple of naked chicks in your presentation and it will be a big improvement. Any presentation tips? Share them in the comment section.

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